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Happiness engineers? Seriously?

  1. It's obviously been too long since I hung out on the forums. Since when did the staff become happiness engineers? And how do you engineer happiness anyway? Sounds frighteningly 1984 to me. If I want to be grumpy, I will be. And if I want happiness, I'll get it the old-fashioned way, not engineered by someone else. Huh.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi rosclarke, nice to see you again, totally agree with post!

  3. Happiness is a good thing, I'd let them help share a little more :o)

  4. @rosclarke
    ~~~ waving madly. Long time no see. :)

    I think the creation of that label probably dates way back to my repeated use of "happy blogging" at the end of the questions I answers in forum threads.

  5. BTW, today I'm grumpy especially at the breaking news of confusing Like feature here. But that doesn't mean others can't be happy :o)

  6. It's a filter, so that Matt has an excuse not to hire me. NOBODY could mistake ME for a "Happiness Engineer."

    I'd hate to be the one in charge of that upgrade.

  7. Hi, everyone! It's nice to see you all still here.

    @arifsali, you know I only came over here to see if anyone else was grumping about the Like/Reblog features!

  8. Sorry timethief - it was Matt who came up with that.

    As for the titles if people write in and there is a problem, and we help fix that problem then we have brought about some happiness have we not? :)

    (and mine does not because I deal with different sorts of issues).

  9. It's just a title. It's fun. Let it be!

  10. @rosclarke, I made a blog post on it.

    I was hoping WP not introduce any such Like feature after FB. I had a feeling they'd do it exclusively since that has been the trend with rest of their features in the past. It seems they're also redundant and are ignoring the privacy concerns. They're redundant with their Polldaddy rating widget - which does the same thing - and they're almost encouraging people to copy content - the PressThis feature.

    I'm not happy in general with the way blogging world in particular and internet in general is moving lately. The 140 character micro-blogging phenomenon and the Like buttons are making things so simplistic that you have to wonder if we live in a Utopian world.

    When Internet was a parking lot of static html pages, the blogging world introduced us to conversations, opinion and discourses. This was a logical evolution because life is not static, nor is it a matter of Yes/No, Black or White opinions.. It requires contemplation, conversations and discourse which was suited for blogs. But after all these years, we're now introducing Yes/No button just because some 26 years old rich Billionaire (Zukerburg) thinks that's how things should be. I say BS and I'm grumpy while I say this.

    Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading other people's take on things in general.

  11. @Mark, you're right, you do sometimes do things that bring happiness. I submit that that has quite a different feel to it than 'engineering happiness', which has a horribly Orwellian, controlling sound to it.

    @livebesidetheocean, your fun is my nails dragged across a blackboard.

  12. @rosclarke Eh. To each their own. Keeps the world spinning round.

  13. lol!

    People can call themselves what they like, especially if it makes them feel better..! I remember working in a grocery store, and having the title "Stock Replenish Executive" I knew i was just a shelf stacker, but the title did make me laugh. :)

    A title is just a title! Unless u make it into something more.

  14. Nicely put themischief!

  15. somethingsthat

    I'd love it if my job title was 'happiness engineer'.
    In fact, I might suggest it as the dept i work in is having a bit of an overhaul and we're looking for something new to call ourselves.

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