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Happiness. What is happiness?

  1. What is happiness and how to find it?

    Share your stories too :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Happiness is feeling like myself again...most days. :P

  3. No one else can make us happy or sad. Happiness is a decision made between the ears. No matter what our circumstances are we can make the happiness choice. You can be happy even when …

    • People have disappointed or betrayed you
    • Somebody else is having a bad day and gets upset when you don’t join in their misery
    • Nobody seems genuinely supportive of your goals and dreams
    • The day is falling short of your high hopes
    • You are falling short of your high expectations or you didn’t complete your to-do list
    • Nothing runs smoothly, on time or according to your plans

    While it’s true that happiness is a choice, we can only make the happiness choice if we know what prevents us from being happy in the first place. You are responsible for where you are in life at this moment – what you think about yourself and others and how you feel and whom you choose to share your life with.

    • Don't seek other people’s approval to determine your own self worth you.
    • Don’t feel responsible for the happiness or unhappiness of others.

    The shortest path to true happiness is found through making conscious choices. To be happy one has to organize their life, take responsibility for their life and do things which lead to happiness.

  4. P.S. The truth is that we do not need pleasurable circumstances and events and what other people think, day or do to evoke happiness with us. Happiness is within us at all times. Just as soon as we make the decision to be happy, regardless of our circumstances, it manifests. Happiness is a subject I blog on in my personal blog.

  5. dribblingpensioner

    Happiness is only a state of the mind, keep your mind clear of all the thoughts that will bring you down, relax your mind and don't get up tight.

    It has served my for 50 years and always will.

  6. Happiness is a six pack, a hot girl and Robocop 2.

  7. Happiness is being surrounded by friends, either that or lots of money.

    I'd definitely be happy if I had a lot of money, I'm pretty materialistic.

  8. Happiness is what I feel.
    It feels good.

  9. "Happiness is a six pack, a hot girl and Robocop 2."

    ROBOCOP 2?? :P

  10. Optimism is Happiness. Enjoying the taste of every experience that comes on in our Life is happiness. Helping the people around is happiness. Every second that we live on is Happiness. Happiness can never be defined .......... It can only be felt and spreaded over .....................

  11. I am so sorry for posting the link for my own blog but it total embodies happiness. I'm a criminology major and I'm probably one of the most cynical humans ever. It wasn't until I started blogging that I realized how happy other peoples' actions made me. It's the kindness of other people that just makes me so happy. Despite whatever is going on in society, an act of generosity goes a long way. That is essentially what I blog about.

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