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Happy Christmas everybody

  1. I don't think it's too early for a happy christmas thread-Whatever your thoughts on or persuasions I wish you joy and peace.

  2. Merry Chrismas all!

  3. "Have a holly jolly's the best time of the year." :-)

  4. And a merry juniper berry [but not too much now] to you may your dreams be wishes and your wihes come true and may you always back the winner. Stay mella Yella

  5. Sing of the holidays that end the year!
    Each cause for celebration and reflection.
    As darkness rules the earth, sing of good cheer,
    Sustained by will and nourished by affection.
    Of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Eve,
    Now sing that you might magnify the light!
    Sing, for in your joy you will believe,
    Granted grace throughout the bitter night.
    Rekindle for these reckonings the fire
    Each carries as a favor to the heart,
    Eloquent of rapture and desire,
    Twin grounds of both sincerity and art.
    In quest of fellowship and common feeling,
    Needing company, nor care concealing,
    Giving and receiving equal measure,
    Sing, then, of passion, faith, and simple pleasure!
    Copyright by Nicholas Gordon

  6. Merry Christmas every one!!! :-)

  7. Nice song TT ain't it funny how singing cheers you up. :) Tecky babe I wanted to award you with the Sulz trophy for sheer volume, in recog of your often helpfulnesses but I can't get the thing uploaded you can see it on BobbyG's bloggy. Somethings have become a right pain since the new dashboard hey happy christmas :)

  8. Merry Christmas

    Hey, I want an about most sexy or most nice or most funny :D

  9. lettershometoyou

    Frohe Weihnachten!
    Joyeux Noel!
    Merry Christmas!
    Feliz Navidad!

  10. happy christmas everybody! congrats teck on winning that award (it's not my trophy though!). :)

  11. Thanks GD, for your thoughtfulness. :-)

  12. pornstarbabylon

    Happy Holidays everyone and stay safe!

  13. Happy Holidays
    Happy Holidays! Whichever ones apply:
    Jewish, Christian, Pagan, secular!
    Practicing people are not particular,
    Perhaps because all people yearn for friends.
    Year’s end’s a time of darkness, true, but when
    Has darkness ever darkened one small light?
    Our pleasures are like candles in the night,
    Lighting lamps that burn beyond our ken.
    In celebration there is more than joy:
    Days of feasting bind our friendships fast,
    A fat and full embrace of things that last,
    Yet holy in what sense one might employ,
    Savoring sweet songs that spirits buoy.

  14. Happy Boxing Day!

  15. Merry Christmas! Hey guys, just starting out. Give my blog a look:

  16. Christmas seems like decades ago, and just for rehashing this post I am NOT visiting your blog.

  17. Firm but fair...take your punishment like a man (or woman or whatever)

  18. Happy christmas 09 everybody :0

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