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Happy Friday!

  1. Yes, a couple spammers and a flock of penguin (singular) already graced the fora.

    Things are right on schedule.

  2. easier to track if you tag. :)

    (going back to hiding under my rock until Monday)

  3. I don't start the threads, so I don't tag them. Can you IMAGINE how much time I'd waste doing that, given that every forum page takes an average of a minute and a half to load?

    But I'll tag this one.

  4. Ew! It's a hairy fetus!

  5. Copy this into your clipboard; you're going to need it.

    You are in the wrong forum and need to be at We will not be able to help you, as our software here is quite different. See this thread:
  6. LOL oh so true I posted that link like 10 times in the last 2 days

  7. I couldn't believe that three straight people in the forum needed it. Gonna be a long weekend if cut and paste stops working.

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