Harassment by another member

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    I want to know how you can delete another user for harassment. I am being harassed by a mebmer who goes on as http://therustynail.wordpress.com It is becoming out of control that this person is repeatedly libeling me on here. He accused me of stalking another person when I haven’t done such a thing.

    I want to know if there something you can do about removing the troublemakers and make it safe for people to blog and promote things in peace without people like TheRustynail causing trouble.



    This is a technical support forum. We do get into issues of content – and this type of self righteous winging is very unwelcome.



    Isn’t this exactly why wordpress.com got banned in Turkey?

    You need to get legal representation. As atthe404 says There’s absolutely nothing we in the forum can (or will) to help either way.




    I get death threats all the time by the wingers. I just ban them from coming to my blog. (Go to Options, then click “Discussion”, and then use an obscure part of the email address to ban them from posting. Example:

    If the email address is “(email redacted)” then I would ban using “tyn”, which is a sequence of letters that is uncommon in our language except for ding dong’s use of it. LOL

    Have fun! Believe me! I feel for ya. ;-)



    Kay – you mean you don’t ban by “aol”? ;o)

    I think the OP has only registered to post in the forum. His blogged is linked to a no wp.com blog.


    He has a Blogger blog. Is he saying a WordPress.com member is harassing him?



    Kay —

    Why don’t you just ban the entire email address instead of only part of it?


    Perhaps he is a blogspot blogger being bothered by a wordpress,com blogger but in what way would posting here be helpful? Blogspot bloggers have the same tools as we have here for dealing with difficult and weird people. As atthe404 and collin have pointed out wp.com volunteers cannot assist so posting here is an exercise in futility.

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