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Hard drive doesn't boot up

  1. Hi, I have a problem with my seagate 500gb hdd. Everything started when I was trying to install another OS, I unplugged it when the computer was running and I think that this caused the problem. My seagate hdd is a logic one, NTFS fomat, it's not the primary with the os. I use it to store information in it.

    I downloaded the Boot Master Partition Recovery and burned a boot cd, I used my other working 80gb Hdd which has windows xp on it and it detects and shows up the mbr and all the information with no problem. Then I unplugged that one and connected my Seagate 500gb hard drive that has the booting problem and I got a message on the screen that says Error 6 at pgm-ctr:8327Z:\> on the top there is a help F1, message. After typing any key nothing happens. I emailed the company and they did not know what the problem was, instead they recommended me to try another product but I can't find a good one. Any suggestions, thanks

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