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Has anyone ever been sued over a blog?

  1. Mark,

    The claim is on where the server is based on when the server is in concern. Which is, if you are attacking people's credit card accounts in USA, your server in USA will be liable.

    But when it comes to blogging, it's not a direct server or operator legal issue.

    Which is, if you were wholeselling musics without license, you'd be liable. However, if I am blogging, and Mr Lee Kuan Yew is angry with you for hosting a server in Singapore, all you need to do is to close down the server and maintain the host in North Pole. ^.^ I don't know about Pirate Bay, but I believe they do deal with pirated Copyrights.

    Hence in such cases, I usually advocate hosts with capabilities to locate their servers and offices overseas. Even I myself am reluctant to have my money deposited in Singapore or lands which will remit monies back to Singapore. Hence I am very poor in Singapore, and pretty lavish living overseas... LOL~

    As for the second part... That's what I am saying.

    By is, as in Singapore's saying: By right it is like that, by left ends up like this. LOL~

    I did a simple check at Baidu about 'Pirate Bay'. Mark, it deals with selling copyrights not belonging to it, it'd be liable anywhere with UN registered states. It's not the same as blogging host. ^.^

    Perhaps I should give a talk in the States on this matter. It is a commonly misunderstood issue all over the world with the people on the streets. Laws are very very specific thing, when it is within a sovereign state, it's very simple. When the issue is beyond the components of any single state, that's where the problem comes.

    For instance, if Pirate Bay sells my articles with my agreements, I can sue it even on Mars because its properties of mine anywhere in the human civilisation of this galaxy. If Pirate Bay publishes my articles in any part of the galaxy, this galaxy must be your properties to ban Pirate Bay and my articles. Can you see the difference here.

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