Has anyone mapped the CSS code against a sample blog?

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    It would make life really easy if someone could point to a blog and say “the body is the part of the page that looks like this: …”, “h1 is this part of the blog, while h2 is that part …”, “these are the components of the header …” and so on. I’m teaching myself CSS and figuring out what each part is by trial and error. I had made notes using /* and */ to annotate the CSS style sheet so I could figure out what changes I was making, but when I saved the sheet, all of those notes disappeared! Has anyone mapped the CSS code against a sample blog?

    The blog I need help with is cohn17.wordpress.com.


    You know, that would be nice, but CSS is theme and author dependent. Each author decides how they are going to organize the markup (XHTML) and the CSS and what they are going to name things. In some a site title might be under title as an h1, in some it may just be h1, in some it might be site-title and in others it might be banana.

    WordPress uses a program called CSS tidy that strips all comments and compresses the CSS code to make it load faster and to take up less storage space. I always keep a copy of the CSS with my comments in a plain text file on my desktop and keep it updated for reference.

    atthe404 on CSS:

    There is no trick. But doing CSS requires an understanding of the markup (xhtml). There is no way round that. The CSS applies styles to stuff. To what stuff depends on the markup. So number one read the source (View Source). Get used to it. Feel comfortable with it. Two. Understand what the heck selectors actually are. Different cats of selectors behave in different ways. SO: this is counter intuitive. To understand the CSS do not start in CSS. Start in the xhtml. Then see how they relate. Its all there. :)


    Sounds like you might want to start with an HTML beginner tutorial. This one might interest you: http://www.htmldog.com/guides/htmlbeginner/

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