Has anything changed as far as tiled gallery options?

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    I check in here once a year or so to see if any improvements have been made in the tiled gallery option.

    So far I have been am still stuck with picture sizes that are not “balanced” nicely IMHO.

    The vertical images appear very large and horizontal images very small in relation to them…or ONE square image will be huge and the rest very small…in other words no consistency in the gallery.

    Ideally I would like something like this: http://www.paulmobleystudio.com
    Large images, nice balance between horizontal and vertical, full page…
    I keep hoping you will update/upgrade the gallery options…you tell me it’s on the list but I’ve been waiting many years now! Is there anything I can do to get galleries that look like the link I posted above?


    The blog I need help with is cathyscholl.com.



    Since no one has replied…let me ask this question in a different way…

    If there have not been any improvements made to the tiled gallery layout as far as a more “equal” image size between horizontal and vertical images is there a different theme I can use that will allow a tiled gallery to take up the full page?

    With larger sized images similar to those in this example: http://www.paulmobleystudio.com



    @supernovia we have discussed my suggestion for a theme like this in the past.
    Last time we chatted, ten months ago it was still on the TO DO list.
    I’m still waiting but

    I am focusing on the other approach we have discussed now…again asking for an improved gallery layout as shown in the link below.

    Is this a possibility?




    Hi @cathyscholl, we’ve still stayed pretty busy. Themers in particular have been working on support for Gutenberg, which may well end up helping your cause.

    If you’ll send a link to the site (or a page) you’re working on, so I can see the shapes and sizes of images you’re working with, I’ll experiment a bit to see what might work well for you.



    I’ll note as well, the site you’re referencing there seems to have the same images they had last time, if I recall correctly. So it’s possible someone carefully arranged the images just one time.

    If you wanted to do a one time arrangement on a single page of your site, that could well be possible with some advanced HTML and CSS.



    @supernovia thanks for hanging in there with me regarding this topic.

    I’m looking to completely re-do my site cathyscholl.com (link in the original post above) after years of neglect :) So it would be ALL photo galleries.

    Also, the link to the “dream” site I posted here is a completely different site than anything I’ve posted before. I just found it the other day. It’s the best example I’ve seen yet of large images working together in a tiled gallery where they are ALL pretty large.

    Compare that to this…which is an older example of what I liked… https://portfolio.joemcnally.com/index

    After writing Paul Mobley multiple times I discovered he’s using Squarespace. I definitely prefer the larger size of his “tiles” which you can see in all the pages of his site

    I have seen themes which are supposedly “wide” but when a tiled gallery is added it’s still a narrow strip down the middle of the page. Are there any themes that take up the full screen which would display a full frame tiled gallery?



    Hi @, for a full width theme that will show images and content to the full extent of the screen/window, you may want to look at the Espied theme. If you view this page on the demo site, you can see the content goes the full width. Ignore the fact that the page is set up using the Portfolio Shortcode set to 6 columns.

    This theme, in conjunction with Tiled Galleries, or even single images on pages would be worth investigation.



    Wow. Here’s another site with the largest image sizes yet!

    Large and full screen photo galleries. It doesn’t have to be a theme, just a new tiled gallery option that I can insert into any theme…if that’s possible?

    @thesacredpath thanks for the suggestion. Espied theme says you have to choose either square, vertical or horizontal thumbnails. I’m looking for a page that combines all three.

    I guess you are saying that although the home page will have to be one size only the tiled gallery can combine all three sizes?



    @cathyscholl right: you can use a tiled gallery to fit the images together in different aspect ratios. Or, as with the example you’ve given before, you could use a full-width page and some HTML+CSS to position the images manually.

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