Has my blog been hacked?

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    One of my readers saw links in one of my blog posts that wasn’t added by me. Has my blog been hacked?

    The blog I need help with is talesfromthedesk.wordpress.com.



    I have a hacked blog, too, and have been regaining it, then losing again. Had my other blog (at another host site) hacked and finally got it resolved and now, the WordPress blog is hacked. Have changed passwords, cleared cookies (all the browsers plus ‘hidden,’ etc.) and even know a little bit about hidden/invisible html coding. I get results when I go into the page that the hackers originally inset the coding and erase what I can’t see…

    Clears all up.

    Then they return. Blog is pungere.wordpress.com.

    Many thanks.




    Send you viewer the link below – they might have a browser problem – if you visitor is seeing links in words that are ads they probably have a browser problem

    If you have links from words this might help:





    Thank you so much for your help, I’ll send this link to the viewer!



    I have read all the information on ads and WordPress, some of which states that WordPress does NOT allow advertising on its blogs – then these others, which plainly state that WordPress has been ‘quietly’ inserting ads into blogs since 2006.

    So it looks like, rather than hacked, I have been invaded.

    Which leaves me with the decision of whether to remain with WordPress as is – or pay $30 for my ‘free’ blog – or find another host site that actually preserves the meaning of the word free (to say nothing of respects the meaning of a non-commercial blog)…

    The one consolation is so few read my blog that the idea that any money could be made from it is a joke.

    I do know, however, when the ads were inserted, and where (in my blog) and from what city: Ontario, Canada. So the slim possibility remains that it is indeed a hacker and not the host site I had up until now quite respected as the best in the industry.

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