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Has my blog been suspended?

  1. My blog has disappeared - from an old bookmark it shows up, but I can't sign in.
    If I sign in, I "don't have any blogs yet". This is a new blog, created Jan 28 2013.
    Only one post - a YouTube video (which I do not have copyright on) - is this why?
    Can I recover the blog, remove that first post, and continue? I'd very much like to get started. If I'd erred by posting this content, I'd like to remove it (lesson learned!)

    The blog I need help with is

    is live and online.

    Did you get a notice that your site has a ToS issue?
    If so follow the link to contact the ToS team:

    Do you know your password? If so, then this should work:

  3. Thank you for such a quick and helpful reply!

    OK...I see, following the link you provided, that it's still alive.

    My bad. For some reason, I can do lots of online stuff, but I find blogging quite confusing (hence my desire to get into it!)

    Thanks again. I'll keep mucking away.

  4. Okay, so does that mean you can log in to and post on your blog? Or are you still having difficulties?

    This is a tutorial which will help you get acclimatized to
    It's not a lot of "mucking" and could get you started. Blogging is both old fashioned (as in keeping a diary or log) and contemporary (as in, well, I'm not sureā€¦)


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