has my website address been hijacked?

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    When I try to access my blog I’m taken to an ad site. Have I been hijacked or is it just a fluke?



    Works for me. Check for malware or try another browser.



    working for me as well



    Ditto. I see shoes. :)


    OK, it’s working now. Wow, that was weird!!!! It lasted for about 5 minutes. I wasn’t redirected to a new site, but my own webaddress showed the wrong site!!



    What site did it show you? Might be able to figure out what was happening if we knew.


    I don’t even remember; it featured articles on some famous athlete and a bunch of ads.

    Sometimes this happens to the Pandagon site (not wordpress); I’ll type in their site address and get an ad site instead. I wonder if this is the newest, most annoying kind of advertising?

    oh well!



    I’ve tried and I can, maybe you typed a wrong key?



    Sounds more like a virus mucking up your DNS settings or something wrong at the router level if its a common issue. Looking at your IP address and the company that that address is assigned to, (And the couple hundred IP addresses of theirs I have blocked at the router level with my hosting company due to zombie boxes causing DDoS and spam runs coming from that organization) I’ve got to admit that I’m leaning towards an issue with a router issue.

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