Has Someone Accessed The Private Content of My Blog Account?

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    Issue: http://www.darthkater.com In the past day, I have noticed (via blog statistics) that someone, somehow, somewhere, may have access to my blog statistics. I realize that WordPress does not tally blog hits when I view content from my own computer. However, today, I noticed that someone clicked a link: URL Clicks theme.wordpress.com/themes/twentytwelve/

    Within the past hour, I’ve noticed (among referrers) that someone is accessing content via my blog statistics (post-view summaries, etc.).

    I’ve only personally looked at basic blog stats. I did NOT personally click on anything but today/yesterday’s stats. I have also not used anything but my own computer. I have, however, used Wi-Fi in a public place. How would anyone have access to the private information pertaining to my blog statistics, otherwise? Might this be due to someone using Firefox (I use Google Chrome), or an issue relevant to using an insecure Wi-Fi network?

    I don’t want anyone else but me to have access to my blog statistics, drafts, that which has been already published, or otherwise. It should be visible to me, exclusively, and worry that someone’s now got access to such content. It should be for MY eyes, only, and I fear that someone might sabotage my blog. Any suggestions or feedback? Should I change my password? What to do to protect my privacy, and protect my blog from possible tampering by others?
    Blog url: http://darthkater.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is darthkater.com.

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