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Has something changed with stats/page views?

  1. Over the last few days I have noticed a severe drop off in views per day. It almost seems like something has changed. Has anyone else noticed this?

    I have had roughly the same views for several weeks and now there is a giant drop and I am getting almost no views.

    Any ideas?

  2. Personally have noticed anything like what you are seeing. Anyone else seen some differences?


  3. Growing hits here. Maybe the blog is topical, or maybe he's autoposting and thus not showing up on the tag pages?

  4. Mine yo-yo up and down as usual.

  5. I went from getting 1000-1500 a day and know I barely get 300.

    The posts that generate the most hits are gone.

    FOr example one I have is ranked at the top of google if you search it. Then if you click on it, wordpress says it is gone.

    but it is there if you look it up on my blog.

    Really weird stuff and it sucks cause I want the traffic back.

  6. If it's gone, it's probably because you changed the link address (by changing the date, usually)

  7. What's the URL of the post, and have you edited it since you posted it? Bought a domain upgrade? Changed CSS? Anything?

  8. Same thing happened to me today and I came to ask about it. My stats for today fell off a cliff today- straight down to zero. Not happened before and would like to know what's going on please?

    Name of blog is WHY ORGANIC

  9. The stats clock rolls over at midnight GMT. If you view your stats shortly after then you'll see zeroes or very low figures, because "today" has only just begun.

  10. Ok :-) I thought that might be it, but because there are also issues with comments posting on my blog, it felt related somehow. I get comments every day. But, today, no comments. Vey unusual. Anyway, I already posted that on another forum. I will go in and look at the stats again for the reset.

    Thanks very much,

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