Has the 'Chunk' theme header font spacing recently changed?

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    The ‘Chunk’ theme has recently changed appearance on Chrome. The header font spacing is now much too small, so the words run into one another.
    Blog url: http://listdotappend.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is listdotappend.wordpress.com.


    I had this problem too, I’d love to hear what you figure out if you find a solution!


    The Chunk theme has not changed in about six weeks. I took a look at your site (http://listdotappend.wordpress.com/) and it appears that you are using a different theme altogether named Blaskan. The heading font in this theme is intentionally tight.

    You can fine tun things likes fonts by using the custom design upgrade.


    Hi Michael, any way you could take a look at my site as well? It’s http://punishablebydeath.wordpress.com/

    I’m definitely using Chunk and there is definitely something wrong with the kerning….




    Thankyou for your reply Michael, I actually changed theme to Blaskan because the spacing under Chunk was so awful.

    Seems to have been fixed now, so thanks if that was you – could we maybe have an explanation or is just `one of those things?’



    Hello! I’m having the same problem with Chunk theme; when I first activated it on my blog http://teachmanfish.wordpress.com/ it worked fine, but recently it comes up with the header for the main page and the titles of blog posts cut off, so that only the top half of the text is visible. Is there something I can do about this?? I love the theme and really don’t want to change it! Thank you!

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