Has WordPress been slow Tuesday Wednesday?

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    Trying to update my blog with images and change dashboard pages sometimes takes as long as 30 seconds. All I get is “waiting for S3.wp.com” or something like that in the status bar. I’d hate to think it’s the 12 Mbps broadband I’m paying for that’s this slow.

    Firefox 3.6.6
    Mac 10.4.11

    The blog I need help with is ieba.wordpress.com.


    Dashboard pages should be loading quickly like usual. Have you tried clearing cache of your browser yet?

    If things are still loading slowly feel free to contact us. We’ll get things sorted out for you.


    For mee it is slow too these days. I have the same browser. For mee one of the reasons was adblock plus, an addon for firefox. Try to disable this addon for wordpress and things should be much quicker. In addition clear the browser cache
    Dietmar Krause



    Don’t have adblock. Will try clearing the cache.
    (irony is that having the local cache is supposed to make it faster.)

    Does WP still use Google Gears?

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