has wordpress.com crashed?

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    I know this may sound crazy but I’ve been unable to get into my site or wordpress.com all day. Am I the only one experiencing this? Somehow I got into this site at 11:30 at night. I’ve tried different computers and check internet speed and stuff. I haven’t been able to post or contact suport since thursday.



    How frustrating. :( I would suggest you send in a feedback {button on top righthand corner of any blog page} or an email to staff {email address mudged to elude spam bots} support at this domain dot com. No one else that I am aware of has made such a complaint.



    your blog works fine for me..

    It could be a few things.

    1. your isp could be exhibiting funky behavior, there could some routing issues or something odd.
    2. You recently installed a firefox plugin that is being wierd.
    3. did you recently move to china? they block wordpress.com
    4. the sky is falling. run for cover.

    Most likely.. it’s #1


    The issue was in the wireless router. I haven’t fixed it yet, because I just plugged the computer in directly. I’m going to reinstall the router later today after I go to church.



    I note that the forums are loading slowly. Looks like Google Analyics/ urchin is timing out.



    I have found on more than a few occasions that WordPress bungs up on my home PC (wireless router, DSL modem). I don’t know why, but I find that if I reset the modem the problem is resolved. It seems to have something to do with the ISP and caching, but TBH it’s all a mystery to me!
    In any case, it may not be helpful or necessary to completely re-install the router.



    I am having the same problem. It started Sat. night, did not work at all yesterday and I’m fighting with it today again. I will try to re-install the router, although I’m not sure exactly how to that…..we’ll see if that works.


    I began having the same problem on Saturday. I can’t get into any of my blogs using DSL, yet I can using dialup. I have talked to my phone company, who sent me to the DSL modem company. They all claim the problem lies with WordPress.



    Just got off the phone with my isp, they say its wordpress. I haven’t tried dial up….Im on wireless. Not sure what do next??



    send an email to: support (at) wordpress (dot) com

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