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    You guys should definitely look at changing the Twitter widget to allow for searches, like hashtags. I’m wanting to promote on my blog the use of the hashtag #politicalisation and it’s a pain not being able to use the twitter widget to bring up all the posts using that hashtag.

    The blog I need help with is politicalisation.wordpress.com.



    Maybe I’m missing something here, but if you Tweet all your post links and use hashtags then why don’t you use Twitter Search?


    I don’t want to search for the hashtag, I want the search to appear on the blog. You can do it with the official Twitter widget, but that doesn’t work with WP.com, as it runs on flash, I believe.


    I really want to use this function too, so strange that it doesn’t exist in WordPress.



    If they’re already on your blog, directing them to a hashtag search isn’t going to help you.



    Indeed it will only send them off the blog.



    Not only that, but if the intention is to publicize the twitter account, the TWITTER WIDGET itself with a link to the twitter account is a better bet. Hashtag promotion doesn’t really work in the way this poster appears to think.


    I worked it out in the end. I specifically want people to see the conversation on the blog and to get involved in the conversation, so its justified to feature the hashtag stream on the blog.

    I visited http://sociable.co/ and followed their advice in:

    Find tweets containing a hashtag:

    changing the hashtag subject to whatever you want to track. I think case ‘cmxd’

    Then I added this URL to the RSS feed widget.

    Its all working perfectly!



    Great workaround!



    Thanks for sharing that workaround. Bookmarking! :)



    Thanks for this.
    Although of course, it only shows a static stream – it doesn’t allow for showing the conversation as it is happening – or, indeed, for showing this as a twitter stream!

    Any recommendations on that?

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