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Hatch does not work

  1. I found an online tutorial for customizing Hatch right out of the box. I do not have the same menu's or choices. It was published on youtube three weeks ago ( No footer options, no way to place pictures on the front page as a grid with linkable thumbs or a title in a rectangle on the bottom right like the preview shows. No plugins menu, no "visit site" in the drop down under my username. I never got a plain page to alter, just a blank page with "sorry, nothing found here so far. Maybe you can search for it."

    I have been looking through wordpress/and the menu tree's to find the answer for hours and it's been futile. It looks nothing like what has been advertised for "free."

    I am totally confused and exasperated. Please Help!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are watching a video that applies only to the WordPress.ORG version of the theme. It's not relevant. Ditch it and go here to locate the theme description that applies to the version adapted to run on our WordPress>COM software.

  3. See here also for a comparison and read carefully so you comprehend the differences > vs. >

  4. Ok. I think I know the difference between org and com. Either way, the link you provided does nothing to help me in how to create linked images with descriptors as shown in the "preview" of hatch.

    I still can't create the page that is offered.

  5. I'm confused. If you know the differences vs. then why were referring to the video that does not apply to the version of the theme.

    Are you saying that you cannot follow the instructions here?

    Scroll down to "Featured Images" on that page.

  6. Forget the video.

    I want a home page, static. When you go to selected work, I want the gallery of 4 across and 3 down, with linkable images to a gallery.

    I've successfully deleted whatever work I have so far, and now the links link to a page that says "Nothing Found
    Ready to publish your first post? Get started here." with the links being dead.

    I'm sorry if I sound short, but his is getting ridiculous. I'm not completely stupid, but this is making me feel like I am.

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