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Hatch portfolio image scale > no scale

  1. I am using HATCH>>
    What size image will NOT scale in the feature page (portfolio). All images are auto cropping and I need to know what size to make them so don't get cropped. Also why do I need to set my feature image in order for it to appear in the portfolio... it seems now each "post" shows two images... is there any way around this? the blog this is for is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please read the Hatch theme description here >
    Does this help?

    Blog/Archive pages: 220 x 150
    Single Posts: 640 wide, flexible height
    Logo: 115 wide, flexible height

  3. if Blog / Archive page size refers to the portfolio feature image size then yes... otherwise... nope.

  4. Scaling and cropping are two different things. What you call "feature page" displays 220x150 thumbnails, so most images will be scaled down. This doesn't mean you must upload 220x150 images: any image in the same aspect ratio will be scaled down but not cropped.

  5. Yes I understand the difference between the two, just wanting the details to make my own cropping happen.

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Hello, maybe my question with Hatch theme is related to this thread. If I understand from justpi reply earlier, the "featured images" that appear as a gallery/portfolio in home page are automatically scaled down in the same aspect ratio. Why does then one of my featured images is visibly stretched in the gallery (I have not edited the image)?
    here is the blog:
    thank you for your help

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