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    does anyone know why (on earth!) there is such a discrepancy between the width of horizontal vs vertical images in hatch theme when it comes to their usability in main page thumbnail display? horizontal/ landscape images need to be only 320 pixels wide and they still look ok as a thumbnail preview on main page. Vertical images, on the other hand, have to be at least 400 pixels wide, otherwise they’ll be stretched as a thumbnail preview…!
    Don’t undrestand where that difference comes from?! after all, it’s only logical that if the images are of the same width, they should look the same in the preview, shouldn’t they?

    The blog I need help with is gosiasdrawer.wordpress.com.



    Does reading this provide some insight into the Hatch theme and image treatment in it?



    Thanks for sending that thread through! I can see how it might be relevant but can’t get my head around it when it comes to practically applying it to my problem… :/
    I only now realize that the images I thought were ok, might not in fact look ok at all on devices like tablet or phone…
    I am now just wondering what would be the smallest possible dimention for portrait and lanscape images to look ok on hatch’s main page. A universal smallest width, so to speak…



    am I right to think (based on the above thread) that 440 px would be the ‘universal’ width?



    hmm, 440px can’t be the universal width: I just checked my site on a phone and the 320px images are showing ok… well, some of them anyway, others at 320px aren’t visible at all, just the text in relevant posts.
    also, the layout of main page is totally different: no thumbnail image grid but, instead, resambling a typical blog structure (post after post).

    oh my, I have uncovered pandora’s box, haven’t I? ;)



    ok, forget about the layout part of the above post: turns out I was looking at ‘mobile’ version of the site, when I switched to ‘full page’ version, the layout transformed to a preview grid…
    the width issue remains though :/



    for the time being I can’t see any other solution than to set my portrait/ vertical images to 420px to avoid them being unesthetically stretched in main page’s preview.
    If anyone has any idea on how to make that happen with smaller images then please do leave your feedback here…
    or perhaps there would be a possibility for hatch to be readjusted to take smaller images? The reason why I’m obsessing with the size is that my site is a design one and putting a relatively small image is a way of preventing unauthorised use of my artwork.

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