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    My page is focusing on photos. I would like them to be the same size in the gallery section as I have seen on many Hatch theme pages. The original files are of different sizes and when you click on a photo I want them to become whatever size they are.

    Important is, I want them all to be same size before you click on them. Can you please tell me how to do? I am new to wordpress and have CSS but it is not active yet as for the reason I am learning…

    Many Thanks

    The blog I need help with is gallerimolleli.com.



    How could they all be same size when they have varying aspect ratios? By distorting them? By cropping them?



    I am not sure how it will work out. I just want them to be the same size on a display level and then when you click on them the full size comes up..

    It will look very neat if I can have the same size in a gallery. That is true that they are of different sizes. It is paintings which I sell and if I crop them then you will only see half of the painting which is not the idea…




    You’re welcome.
    “if I crop them then you will only see half of the painting which is not the idea”: Agree. And distorting them instead of cropping them is even worse. Bottom line is they cannot show up as same size if they aren’t same shape.


    Hmmm really?

    If that is the case it makes sense… I will look into it and do some changes with the sizes of the photos then.

    This page I found which is having square photos on the front page and also some distance in between the photos which I want it to be – so it looks clean and nice. Look at: http://errantry.fr/

    Any ideas of how to make more distance between the photos so it is the same distance in height and width?

    Thank You!



    a) “Hmmm really?”
    Well, if you have a portrait-shaped image, a landscape-shaped image, and a square image, how on earth can they show up as same size? They can show as same width, or same height, but not both unless you crop or distort them.

    b) What you’re seeing on the default homepage of Hatch isn’t a gallery in the content of a post or a static page, it’s the latest posts – check the demo:
    The theme downsizes and crops the featured images to make them uniform on the homepage. The blogger on the site you linked to has taken care to presize their images to the aspect ratio Hatch requires.

    c) The horizontal distance between images in a gallery such as the one you’ve got on your static front page can be adjusted by adjusting the default thumbnail width in Settings > Media. In your case (teo-column gallery) it should be around 500. Set the height to a very large number, so it will have no effect.
    Note that this will work only as long as you always publish galleries with the same number of columns.

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