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  1. Is anyone else experiencing haters due to their blogs? I'm hardly writing anything too political, just general situations that many people experience. But everyone I know is trying to find meaning in them and saying I'm being too harsh, I'm singling people out. My blog is about myself and my experiences but everyone is trying to turn it into something involving them. It's really annoying me. How am I supposed to be a writer and never write about things that people can relate to because they feel taken advantage of?!

    If anyone else is having the same issue with their group of friends/frienemies, let me know.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. A better question is: who in the public eye, including bloggers, does NOT have haters.

    Let me share a post with you:

  3. haters gonna hate, but hey! they ARE taking the time out of their day to read your blog, so win at the end of the day

  4. I get whackos every once in a while, usually neo-nazis, KKK-types, climate change denialists, and other swill. Engage them in conversation for a while if you like, but it's like rolling around in mud with a pig. You both get up dirty, but the only one that had fun was the pig.

  5. The world is full of black and white primitive thinkers and cyberspace attracts childish people of all ages who say ridiculous, inflammatory and defamatory things thinking they can hide behind the veil of anonymity. The law applies in cyberspace just as it does offline. However, I have witnessed defamation (civil offence) and even threats (criminal offence) and other asinine stuff on blogs like the ones I refer to in this post. >

  6. I've never got straight up haters but I have get people with strange "ideas" commenting about topics I've posted. I do comment on strange topics though so it's to be expected. Some people will disagree with your posts and thats just life, in the end we decided to publish our opinions in an open forum and this is just par for the course I fear.

    However I do take exception with calling people "primitive thinkers". There are only primitive ideas and those who are uneducated enough to believe them.

    Hang in there you have a nice blog with a message I'm sure a lot of people relate to (although I do feel Paltrow's GOOP is condescending at best.)

    Your Pal The Last Explorer.

  7. There are only primitive ideas and those who are uneducated enough to believe them.

    Well said.

    Thanks for the blog compliment. But I don't know what or who you mean by > "Paltrow's GOOP".

  8. Ph sorry I was reffering to the Topic creators blog. I haven't got round to yours yet but it's the next on my list.

  9. Just ignore the haters. Do what YOU want with your blog and posts. Dont listen to anyone else if you know what you want to do. Have a straightforward way of thinking, and dont let people sidetrack you. Always do what feels right. Hope I could help :D

  10. ^ Preach, preacha, preach!

  11. hollythestrange

    The closest thing to a hater I've experienced is when someone called me "dumb, pretentious" on a poll. I'd like to recieve a hate comment/feedback for a change.

    Come on you Twi-Hards, anti-emo punks and My Chem haters! Hit me back with something!

  12. I am keenly aware that everything that's posted to a blog affects its brand either positively or negatively. I am passionate about my blogs and put a lot of work into them. They have commenting policies posted so the rules of engagement in discussion are clearly stated up front.

    I have lots of life experience as a paralegal and 6 years of blogging experience, so I know which comments not to post to my blog and who not to pay any mind to. I have zero tolerance for trolls. I will not post comments that contain, personal attacks, inflammatory statements, defamatory statements or hate speech.

    If a commenter cannot make their points in a civil manner and back their opinions with facts, and/or if they are spewing fallacious garbage then their comment will be sent to Akismet's jaws and they will be blacklisted.

  13. hollythestrange

    I want to hear what the idiots have to say.

  14. Do whatever suits you.

  15. BTW one of THE very best videos I have ever seen is a 70 minute long documentary titled: Definition of STUPIDITY
    A humorous examination of stupidity in contemporary American culture, covering: the effects of television and mass media on the American intellect; the "dumbing down" of American culture; the popularity of Steve-O and Jackass; role of religion in willful stupidity; the identifaction of many Americans with George W. Bush; the evolution of such concepts as "idiot" and "moron."

    Note: a 30 second delay appears before the video.

  16. pornstarbabylon

    I've had stalkers and harassers for three years now. They want me gone but I'm not going anywhere.

  17. Anything that has swearwords in it is, in my opinion, both hate-mail and spam, so, like, timethief mentioned, those types of comments and messages go into Akismet's wrath it goes.

  18. good thing we can control our blogs and just avoid haters. I don't know why your blogging but for me its to rediscover my film making as an art all over again to share with the world. If someone is hating then that sucks but it doesn't effect me.

  19. @apontedavid
    I agree with you 100%. It's a good thing we can control which comments are posted to our blogs as everything on the blog affects our brand. There's a serious disorder going on between the ears of those who post comments just to hate on others.

  20. Good reviews and bad reviews are reviews. No reviews? Tha'ts something else. Embrace your "haters".

  21. Time Thief - I like that documentary! Particularly the guy who uses himself as a definition of 'an idiot'! There is definitely a dumb-down trend these days. I've noticed it in my workplace and wrote about it:

    I guess the 'haters' are really just showing their ignorance or possibly their insecurities. Ignore!

  22. @stewiejt
    I'm glad you watched it. I wish everyone ould ... lol :D I know exactly which guy you mean. I have a copy of the video on my personal blog and my husband has a copy too.

    We all bear responsibility for behaving in stupid ways and perpetuating more stupidity. We are a society that’s dumbing down. I don’t lay all the responsibility at the feet of the media and advertising either because they simply dish out what we demand.

    David Brooks in his book Bobos in Paradise talks about “proudly illiterate culture” . I encounter students too often who just don’t want to know about anything beyond what they already know. They cannot do simple subtraction, divisionand multiplication. They have a poor vocabulary and have not mastered grammar, or spelling, or punctuation. Worse still, they do not know how to 'reason' and continuously spout fallacies.

    Its interesting academics have avoided this subject matter perhaps as
    mentioned we are sacred of it…. Society obviously has a powerful role
    to play when it comes to the impact, acceptability, the interpretation,
    the values, and the generation of stupidity. All these factors kept
    coming to mind when watching this ….. it's a truly sad state of affairs.

  23. Bobos in Paradise: I LOVE THAT BOOK.

    But I think the anti-intellectualism of the past (let's face it, forty years) is changing. Longer blog posts are coming into fashion as the quick and dirty, flippant remark bleeds off to Facebook and Twitter.

  24. "But I think the anti-intellectualism of the past (let's face it, forty years) is changing. Longer blog posts are coming into fashion as the quick and dirty, flippant remark bleeds off to Facebook and Twitter. "

    I dunno...but let's hope well-written blog posts with a developed argument and a tight sentence structure comes back into fashion.

    There is a skill to write with light tone of voice but also to write with intelligence, logic and wit.

  25. In a matter of days last week, I was harassed, threatened, blackmailed, accused of being a man, and threatened with a lawsuit by a film maker. And the person behind most of this I had considered an online friend for over two years.

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