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Hating the W button

  1. The dashboard bar contains the links Myaccount--Myblogs--W--Bloginfo--Subscribe.

    When I open My Blogs and click the top name (there are 3 plus 'Manage' and 'Register') to open my dutch weblog, it very often happens that I touch the W, which is positioned close to the title in the foldout. The W promptly directs me to my english weblog, which is marked as the principal one. Irritating. Now if I could reshuffle the list of three weblogs in My blog, and put the english blog at the top, the accidental activation of the W won't matter. I saw that the fold-out is not in alphabetical order, so can I move its contents around, and how?

  2. Link
    for what's it worth...

  3. In the top gray bar under "My Blogs" click on "Manage Blogs" - then when you mouse over the blog titles you should be able to change the order of the drop down by moving the blogs up and down (there should be little arrows when you mouse over the blog title in the left column)

  4. It works. So simple! *blush*
    Thanks, auxclass

  5. O by the way, there's another hitch. I realised it only yesterday. After sending a post on weblog C off for publication, I'm not taken back to the dashboard of that blog, but to the one of weblog A.
    OK, of the three, that one is my primary weblog, but t's not where I want to be, I want to check out what I just posted on blog C. It's odd.

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