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Have a Astrology question about compatibility?

  1. I am a student of astrology. I have been studying on and off for 15 years. If you want to know if you are
    compatible with someone let me know your complete birthday, time, city, state and of the other person/family member, etc.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. lettershometoyou

    I'm a rat. Who am I compatible with?

  3. lettershometoyou

    Whoops, they're a horse. Not good.

  4. lettershometoyou - If you admit to being a rat, then I wouldn't think that you're compatible with anyone ;-)

    Miss Dalia - in your studies, did you come across any evidence in support of astrology? I have never seen any and don't know of anyone who has, so perhaps you can enlighten me.

    Personally, I have a strong premonition that my moon is circling uranus, but I'm not experienced like you.

  5. now-now tltcl... play nice

  6. I'm married to a dragon ;)

  7. @missdalia11
    The blog linked to your username is empty. So rather than posting here you may want to consider creating and publishing some content on your free hosted blog. As you are new to I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series: This is the link to all support documentation There you will find a searchbox that provides results form the documentation and from forum threads.

  8. It's just spam isn't it?

  9. lettershometoyou. You are compatible with Dragons, Monkeys and Oxs. What is your
    Sun sign?

  10. You still don't have a single blog post! Why don't you write something about your superstition on your blog, then people can leave comments and give you personal information on a less public forum? At least make it seem real. And you can then email them direct to ask for their payment details for you to provide a full in-depth service.

    That's how this works, right?

  11. What a tragedy to have studied astrology for 15 years.
    Do you really think it is the slightest bit meaningful?

  12. I will be blogging about other topics.

  13. @missdalia11

    I'm a libra 10-8-86 sun is my sun sign
    was born in manchester NH at about 3am ish

    my guy is a Leo
    born 8-16-85 in chicago, IL @ 2:33am
    :) I think we are very compatible :)

  14. Check her site. Nothing on it. I would be wary if I were you. Why would someone start a blog and post in the forum and not have an idea for at least one good post?

    By the way, I also think you're compatible with your man. Obviously both night owls looking at when you were born. Plus Leos are the best men. ;-) Just need your bank account details now for an in-depth reading...

  15. lol.... well both of our bdays are on the internet, there's not much anyone can do with that.. lol not with all the added security questions and secondary passwords we place on everything. so i don't mind giving that stuff. Anyone can easily find your DOB by a quick background check.

  16. I'm an Ox.

  17. kymlee - I wasn't referring to your birthdays, I'm just expecting this person to attempt to gain confidence in people and ask for more info via personal messages. Not sure why though, as she must know all of the answers...

  18. Just out of curiosity, if somebody said they'd studied theology for 15 years would you all be asking the same questions?

    Not trying to insult theology or astrology here... it's all the same to me... just sayin'.

    I am, however, working on a story involving a bit of divination. May have some questions at some point. But I think the question is are you selling or offering advice? Because, you know, I get most of my story research for free from the Church of Sacred Mysteries @

  19. Theology and astrology aren't actually comparable in the way you imply. Theology, in is general sense is the study and analysis of things divine (it does not assume a particular belief system) - astrology assumes and then interprets the influence of extraterestrial bodies on humans and human affairs...

    the only real similarity is that the are both "-ology"'s... but then again, so is hydrology and musicology

  20. Both study things that are not proven to exist.

    While one doesn't need to have a certain belief system to study theology, I've found that most who study it do. People who study belief systems simply as cultural structures tend more towards anthropology.

  21. Edit to the above.

    Other "ologies" study things that aren't proven to exist, like cryptozoology. The common theme between theology and astrology is that neither CAN be proven to exist. So essentially they're studies of things that cannot be studied.

    Again, this is cutting out the anthropological aspect of theology, which in my observation is often overlooked.

  22. Theology is more properly like Philosophy as opposed to Anthropology or cryptozoology I'm not a fan of astrology, but not for reasons that it can't be proved in a manner satisfactorilly However, it's failings are not the same as theology. .

  23. In theory perhaps. In practice, not at all. There aren't a whole lot of atheist theologists.

    Can you be more specific about what the failings of astrology are? Specifically, as opposed to theology?

  24. I disagree... Any atheist philosopher who discusses matters of religion (in a structured way) could be an athiest theologian. We just tend not to use that term Nietzche is perhaps the most famous...

    Additionally, I would consider many Buddhist write3rs to be "Buddhist theologians", and many are atheists.

    Astrology, in my understanding, falls by its own terms... when the the signs of the zodiac were developed the stars were in one position in the night sky... as time has passed, those stars are no longer in the same place. In fact they have shifted approximately one whole sign since inception... Thus the stars in the sky today when a scorpio is born are not in the same relative position as when the heory was developed.

  25. I suppose we must have differing experience with theologians. Again, I don't dispute that theology could be studied from an atheist perspective, or at least a perspective outside of an established. Only that, among contemporary theologians (in the US, at least) it generally isn't.

    As far as astrology goes... haven't other systems changed their theories over time? Isn't that why there are so many sects of Christianity? Astrologers have adapted their theories to these discoveries. I would also argue that it's similar to the way "intelligent design" advocates have altered the creationist theories in a response to scientific evidence in support of evolution.

    Neither astrology nor ID are particularly convincing, of course. But since neither of them are falsifiable, that just leads back to my point of studying something that is unstudiable.

  26. My whole point about this poster is that it is not a genuine blog. There is still no content!

    My attitude to religion is eloquently detailed in this doc:

    It's conclusions bears relevance to all religions and superstitious beliefs. It is long and is still a work in progress but it is amazing and I think everyone should watch it.

  27. I will be giving out my e-mail for those that do not want to post their info.
    I am a Capricorn, 1/11. I also study Numerology and the Tarot. I will be talking about those topics at another time.
    For compatibility, the Sun Signs are only one aspect to look at to see how compatible or incompatible people are, family, friends, etc. The best match for marriage is Sun/Moon conjunction. For example: a Aries Sun sign with Moon in Gemini, will be more emotionally compatible with a Gemini who has Moon in Aries. Then there are other apects to look for if the Moon signs are not compatible. The Rising Sign(outer personality, appearance), Mars(energy, sex), Venus(love nature), Mercury(communication, intellect, Moon(emotional nature). The Sun Sign(basic personality).

  28. My E-mail is: [email redacted]

    I will post general info here about the compatibility influence. The more private information will be answered by e-mail.

  29. @tltcl I get that, a blank blog is pretty suspicious. And thanks for the warning.

    I was just curious whether people's negative reactions were specific to the topic of astrology, rather than any other body of superstition/mythology.

    btw. that's a great video series, thanks for the link.

  30. Kymleemurphy.

    Your Libra Sun(Air element) is compatible with your B.F'.s Leo Sun(Fire element).
    Your Rising Sign is Virgo, his is Cancer, compatible.

    Your Moon is in Sagittarius, his Leo. You both express your emotions passionately(fire element). Your Venus is in Scorpio, his Cancer. The water element gives your love natures sensitivity and a strong bond. You understand each other and have alot in common. His Mars in Leo is in harmony with your: Sun, Moon,.

    Libra's like elegant/beautiful things as does Leo's. Your 12th House(karma, lessons) is Leo, you and he may have known each other in previous past lives. Your Venus in Scorpio conjuncts his N.Node in Scorpio, which may suggest that you were romantically involved in a previous life.

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