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    I am totally confused at this point now. I have my old and current blog (keeping this one) and just started a new blog which is http://heritagebasketstudio.wordpress.com, I had talked to support yesterday, about starting the second blog, then linking the 2 of them together with a hyperlink or hotlink, as the one serves as the general blog, and the other as my artists blog, with postings of basket descriptions, Pictures, and Prices of work
    All my contact information is and will be on both blogs, customers will contact me directly about payment and shipping arrangements.

    Now the question!
    When I go to the new blog (note the addresses are different, same name set up differently) when I hit read blog on the new blog, I get the original blog page. what goes ? the new blog is a totally separate blog? I can’t do a thing with the new one until I am made certain anything I post to the new one WILL NOT be posted to the old one?

    Thanks for any help all of you can give me.

    The blog I need help with is hbs1991.wordpress.com.



    I am a bit confused. I see two separate blogs:

    I assume this is your old blog: http://hbs1991.wordpress.com/

    And this is your new one: http://heritagebasketstudio.wordpress.com/

    Did you create the new blog with the same user? If so, at the top of the page (when you are logged in) you should see a menu-bar with “my blogs” as the second item. If you click that you should see options for each of your two blogs, and be able to go to the dashboard or create a new post for each.

    If you created the blog with a new user you will need to log in as the new user to edit the new blog and the old user for the old one. (there are ways to transfer the blog or allow the other user to see it, but I want to confirm the basics are working first)


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    tandava108 is asking whether you have two accounts (did you set up your second blog with a new email address?) or one account with two blogs (did you set up your new blog with the same email address you used for your original blog?).

    Whether you have both blogs on one account, or separate accounts for each blog, anything you post on one will not automatically copy to the other.

    You can allow readers to move from one blog to the other with a links widget or a text widget (with your links in it) or with a custom menu.

    Just be sure you are posting to the blog you intend to!



    Hey Thanks to you both, sorry that it is confusing to you.
    This is what I wanted to do, I am keeping the old original blog, it is ongoing ……
    However my customers wanted me to take the Basketry tab (page) and put photos and descriptions of available works there so that they could see what was being offered.

    However since pages donot work like posting does I determined that would be to time consuming and irritating to do, and that creating a separate blog (as a catalog of works) would be much easier to do, then have catagories such as Market Style, Ribbed, Shaker, Non Functional Woven Sculpture etc. would be easier also.

    I kept the same email, User name, because the second (new ) blog is actually a seperate blog but like a continuation of the first blog, which I wanted to have a link on the original blog and the new blog for the customers to click on either to get back to the other.

    Does that make more sense ?

    I thought that I was doing it right, I want both to have the same Digg3 format theme

    Let me know if you need more clarification, I could very well of made things more difficult for myself, perhaps you can help me through it.

    Thanks for all of your help.




    Sorry, I am still not clear. Were you logged in as the same user when you created the new blog?

    Can you get to the dashboard of both blogs?



    Yes, I was on the original blog and logged in when I created the new blog.



    yes I have been to the dashboard of both blogs, but I figured that the new blog would take me to a blank blog, not my original blog. I did not even see where to choose the theme of the second (new blog) at.

    See I was afraid when I clicked on Read blog from the new one, and it took me to the original blog, that oops, something is wrong here that if I posted on the new blog it would be posting it in the original blog which I DO NOT WANT.


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    When you are logged in to your account:
    Here is the link to the dashboard of your new blog:
    link to your old blog:

    Or, when you are logged in to your account, you can access either blog from The WordPress admin bar —”My Blogs.” Go there to choose which blog you want to access. Choose the old one or the new one. From that drop-down menu, you can decide wether you want to see the dashboard of the blog you chose, make a new post to that blog, view its stats, manage its comments, or just read it.

    If you click “read blog” under the list for your new blog, and it then takes you to read your old blog, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. Then try again. Or log-in via the wp-admin/ link of the new blog—make a password protected post, and it should appear on your new blog.



    thanks everyone, I have found out today what you are talking about now. I do see on the dash board where I can choose which blog I want. This is going to work good I think.

    I really appreciate all of your help on this, I just have the heebee jeebee’s whenever I do something like this that I am going to screw the original thing up.

    I wish I was techno savvy like all of you are. I can turn the computer on and off!



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    Hi Mitchell,
    We all started from a position of no knowledge, and none of us knows everything. It’s a good day, any day, when one can say, “I learned something!”
    Enjoy your blogging experience…

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