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    Over the past few days, I’ve begun receiving an Open ID error message when I attempt to leave a comment on Blogger blogs. I have Blogger listed as a trusted site in my open ID settings. This morning I even added some individual blogs, but still get that message. This has just started, and I’m encountering it with many blogs. HELP!

    my blog is http://www.thesedaysofmine.com


    The blog I need help with is thesedaysofmine.com.


    Unless the blogger on the blogspot blog chooses to implement the comment option of posting using a username and URL you will not be able to post a comment. Open ID fails more often than it works. The Blogger software expects you to enter the exact same blog URL as your username which of course is asinine given we have other blogs. You can get a Blogger blog and use it only for leaving comments on blogspot blogs but that’s the way it is.



    Okay. It’s just odd that I’ve been commenting by using the open id (when that’s the only option other than Google) ever since I began blogging two years ago….?


    I’m sorry we can’t help you with this. Maybe Staff can.



    In order to reliably use your WordPress.com Open ID, you’ll need to use the blog’s WordPress.com URL http://boonstoon.wordpress.com/ and that URL will need to be as primary via Store -> Domains.

    Overall, we have no control over how Blogger operates their OpenID system, but the above method (though undesirable) always works without failure.

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