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Have i become a spammer?

  1. Having found out that my computer (or Ip address?) was blocked on wordpress (wrote the wrong html language in one of the widget boxes, i think) I've been logging in through Bebo Proxy. This morning, i checked out two of my friends' weblog, through proxy again, and left a comment. And guess what? Comments didn't appear. One was even discoarded. Does this mean Aksimet thinks i'm a spammer (coz proxy tends to bring around junk along with it every time you tried to post something through it)? Is there anything i can do about it, except drive the support people crazy by questions? Do i have any chance of ever being unblocked? :-(

  2. Maybe you should try using another proxy.

  3. That sounds like a good idea. Can you suggest one (we only know bebo proxy in Ethy).

  4. Do you use a Proxy software on your computer?

  5. No, i just open (Bebo proxy unblocker) and type in either or my weblog address and it logs me in!

  6. Can you visit without going there?

  7. No i can't! It gives me an error message of Unable to open page or Page unavailable. You know, the kind you get if you start typing a bla bla address in your your address bar.

  8. i mean

  9. Thank you so much, deltafoxtrot, for suggesting firefox. I could finally log into my account and wordpress without using Proxy. God bless!

  10. You're welcome! I suggest you stick with Firefox. It is safer for you than Internet Explorer.

  11. None of these solutions hav worked for me. Wp keeps discarding and spamming my comments. What gives?

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