Have I been hacked? and if yes I can't believe this is happening:(

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    Hi there,

    checking my stats and referers yesterday I have founded out that one of these referers is…my own blog address. A kind of fake one that appears exactly the same as mine in the referers section.
    here it is just FYI : [removed by Staff]
    When you clic on it (and please DON’T) my home page appear, maybe with a slightly smaller size, but with a “Eklablog” icon on the opened tab, and with this horrible fake video and pop up windows that would say “Don’t forget to clean your mac, buddy”.
    I have checked the FAQ and forum, I’ve found a post that seemed helpful about changing my password and so on.
    I did change my password and backed up all my content.
    But it’S still going on today and I’m clueless about the changes in code, how to notice added code by the hackers on my pages, how to remove the bad stuff, how to change my secret keys? so that those silly guys won’t be able to keep going if I do it right (and the sooner the better)
    Any idea? any help out there? I’m really freaking out and feeling like I was robbed by mobsters :(
    Thanks a million!

    The blog I need help with is liberteegalitematernite.wordpress.com.



    Make sure both your email and blog passwords are change to long hard ones (different passwords)

    Look in your Dashboard >> Users >> make sure you have no users that you have not authorized

    Then check your PC and Browser for virus and extra add ins – junk in Browsers have been a recent problem causing all sorts of ads to show up that are not on your blog –


    Thank you so much for your fast answer!
    I did the change of all passwords and I’m the only user showing under “all users”.
    Do you think I still have to do the check re. viruses and add ins on a mac?
    I checked my Chrome, nothing seemed added, I cleared the cache and datas. Could it be because of me using WordPress app on Chrome?
    Sounds dummy, so sorry in advance :s and thanks again!



    The link you referenced has lifted your entire blog and inserted it into their web site with some bad stuff (my browser has all sorts of alarms and my anti-virus blocked some stuff)

    You have a content theft issue – that would be a DMCA complaint to their host – maybe one of the other helpers here has the theft links and can leave them for you



    OK, even if I’am badly freaking out, thanks a million for pulling that out. I’m going to read the info right away and keep you posted.
    OMFG :(


    Battle field news;)
    I have read carefully your link thank you again.
    First I thought it was a french host, Eklablog, but google said not so :
    I hope it translate automatically to English, I cannot change settings, sorry. Just in case : it basically says that this site was hosted by a couple of servers that served to spread malvare I think.
    So far, they are not showing up on my referers list tonight \o/
    I will contact Eklablog tomorrow to let them know that their icon is appearing, and I think I almost figured out a way to find the damned host.
    Thank you again:)



    You be welcome & good luck


    I would really like to have an idea of how many WP users have been hacked in a similar way or by the same bad group. I didn’t find info on the forum, do you have some to share?
    It basically changes a lot of things if I’m the only one or not:)


    Sorry, but they are now back in my referers.Do I have to check for added code, secret keys, and so on?
    I logged in with a very strong password:(



    A referral means that someone came to your site from the theft site – the other site has your whole site iframed into their site – so if someone clicks on a link I think they will end up on your site –

    You can’t check your site for code other than if you hotlink a picture in or links in your site to other sites – I have flagged this for staff attention


    Thank you, I would love to see that stopped and never happening again.

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