Have I violated terms of service? I can't work it out!

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    Hi there,

    I’m hoping for some help if possible.

    Today when I log onto my blog everythng seems fine. When I go to the dashboard, fine. But when I click anything about stats that would switch me to the wordpress.com site, I get a “wordpress.com is no longer available” screen, saying: “This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

    If I click that “Terms of Service” link I just go right to that screen again, I can’t access the terms themselves. This plus the fact that the blog itself is still running makes me wonder if this isn’t a weird bug.

    If not, I have no idea what I’ve done, how can I find out and fix it? I can’t even seem to access the terms of service to guess my transgression — if any…

    What is going on? Does anyone know?

    Thanks for reading and for any help you can give.

    The blog I need help with is lightningoak.wordpress.com.


    I’ve accessed the blog now from another computer, looks like the world is still seeing it. But still cannot access .com stats page with the suspended one intervening.



    The same happened to me today. I logged out of wordpress and back in and it worked fine!



    Same here, I cleared my browsing history and cache. Everything is back to normal. Or as Normal as it will ever get on my site.



    I have this problem too, When I logged in this morning my stats button linked to an obvious bot site with a randomly generated name and loads of adverts posted. Now that site has been blocked by wordpress (I’m getting the same message about terms of service violations) but I still can’t access my stats. Gonna try the log in / out method, just thought the wordpress people might wanna know.


    Thanks to both, but I seem to have it a degree worse than you two. I tried this and it didn’t work.

    Relieved you had the same effect though. I suppose that if I’ve accessed from another machine the blog isn’t suspended in any case.

    Funny thing: I can’t even sign out using the dropdown from my name at top right! The suspended screen comes up.

    I logged out and back from the meta widget. Knew there was a reason I had one.

    But I’m not any further ahead for it…


    There should be a link in the message in the dashboard to contact WordPress.com. That link will send your message directly to the TOS department. WordPress will work with you. Only in extreme cases do they suspend a site and then not work with someone to get it back to them.


    @robbiodobbio sorry cross-post.

    It’s beginning to look like a hack or a bug. Will be interested to know if the logout/back does indeed work.


    @thesacredpath sorry also cross-posted!

    Good to know I would be able to work with them if I were suspended. But it seems to be emerging that we’re not suspended at all. And there is no dashboard link.



    Yep it worked, had to clear the cache etc first, before it wasn’t letting me log out. I don’t think it’s saying that you / me / whoever is seeing the message has violated the terms of service, I think somebody has hacked the stats button to link to their horrible bot advert blog and now that bot blog has been blocked for violation of terms of service.

    Mine seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the advice.


    I see http://lightningoak.wordpress.com just fine.

    For buttons and such that are not working correctly, or odd things coming up when you click on links, if you are using Chrome especially, disable all add-ons and then turn them back on one at a time to see if it is one of them that is causing the problems. It seems that Google has slipped in an add-on or two that have to do with ads and such (a youtube add-on was the culprit in one very recent case).



    I apologise — I didn’t clear the cache far enough back in the day.

    Another problem bites the dust. Many thanks all around, if there are no objections I will mark this resolved.



    Thanks for all the reports. We experienced a temporary technical problem – your sites are not actually suspended. We’re sorry for any confusion and for the inconvenience.

    If anyone still have any trouble after clearing your cache, please let us know!

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