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have MAC--can't upload images into post

  1. I'm supremely frustrated with the new dashboard as I have had problem after problem uploading images using my MacBook. No problems before with the old dashboard. Now if I want to upload images, I have to go use another computer--as in go somewhere else. Very inconvenient. And it gets old to bitch all the time about the new dashboard on my blog posts.

    I can actually upload the image into the gallery but can't get them out of there and into my posts--I hit insert into post and it never happens, no matter how large or small the image is.

    Thanks, folks for help. I have an image I really want to post.

  2. u can go to

    then copy the [IMG] tags and copy it under HTML format text

    should work

  3. artpredator,
    I, too, have a Mac. I just tried to upload some pictures and had the same problem of getting them into the gallery and when I tried to use the media library to insert a picture it would not work. I was using Firefox, because that works for writing a post. So I switched over to Safari and was able to put the pictures where I wanted them. Saved. Then returned to Firefox to do some formatting of text. You might try switching browsers. Funny thing is, I can't format the pictures from Safari, but once they are placed, it works in Firefox.

  4. thanks for the safari suggestion. i've never used photo bucket and not interested in learning right now...i just want to write my post and get the images in them i want the way i used to be able to !what a pain!

  5. artpredator,
    Hey, don't we all want things to work again!

    Safari worked for me, so I hope it helps others. Things seem to change hour by hour, though. I couldn't get the formatting right so I just published the post, and believe it or not, it looks fine. Preview might be useless!

    I was also having trouble getting categories to stick, but I discovered that if you choose all categories, mark your selections, save, then publish they stick. But if you edit anything again, the categories vanish again.

  6. safari didn't do the trick either

    i could actually don't care much about tags and most of the widgets and whizbang cuz i'm not that computer literate

    but i did like being able to add images easily which now i can't

    this seems like an important basic problem and i'm frustrated that wordpress didn't fix this bug before they dumped this on us

    the new dahsboard just isn't as intuitive for me

  7. You might have a look at these two posts. I've used both successfully many times with Mac 10.4.11 with Safari 3.1 and with Firefox

  8. magically when I tried one more one last time to load the image of me with the CA State Poet Laureate who is coming to read for me TOMORROW (stress) it loaded.

    so this isn't exactly resolved yet. I don't think I did anything different and in fact am using the latest updated firefox (maybe that's it--it updated again today?)

    it seems like a sporadic problem but generally can't get images into the posts once their loaded.

    thanks sacred path for the suggestion and will take a look at the posts.

  9. I think they did something behind the scenes. I just used Firefox and did not need to fool around with Safari. Yay!

  10. It's not a Mac problem, exclusively. Others have had this sort of problem uploading images at various times, I glean from reading various support stuff. For my part, today, April 20th, I cannot get a post out of the gallery into the blog into one of my wordpress blogs, but everything is working for my other wordpress blog. Same username, same login, everything the same. I'm using Firefox on a PC. Logic seems to dictate that if it works on one blog and not on another, using the same platform, same browser session, same everything, the problem has got to be on WordPress' end.

  11. Now I can't get images into any of my blogs, and I have several. The images upload, and end up in the gallery, but when you try to place an image in the blog, either directly after upload or from the gallery, the process stalls, and the white pop-up screen stays blank.

    Gonna try it with IE and Opera, to make sure it's not browser related.

  12. It's working on all three platforms, now. At first I thought it was the flash loader, but I haven't had any problems with it since the WordPress upgrade. So, while I can't speak for Safari (although it is highly Web 2.0 compliant), I can speak for WordPress. Combine a big unwieldly open source app. with flash and multiple browser/OS platforms, and (in the case of private WordPress installations) homegrown plugins and widgets, and you're going to get unpredictable results from time to time. THIS time is looks like it may have simply been server related, and possibly tied in with the flash upload utility.

    FYI, note that in the dialog pop up, there's an option to use the old browser upload utility, rather than the flash.

    That is all.

  13. Oddly enough, I use a mac, and haven't had any problems. It did certainly take me a bit to figure out how to work the new image uploader, though!

    I use Firefox exclusively, and haven't had a problem.

  14. starmanjones,
    Wow. Just checked the other upload option which says, "You are using the Flash uploader. Problems? Try the Browser uploader instead." It uploads the pictures one by one. Then you still have to go to the media library to insert it into the post.

    But going to the media library and inserting the picture is working much better now, too: choosing "center" now works. They are making progress. That must have just happened within the last few minutes (hour?).

  15. Really not liking the new dashboard here.
    I'm using a Mac and have to use Firefox (not the bowser I prefer) to insert pictures and other media. The really bizarre thing is that if I use Firefox to look at my latest entry, I have a picture where I put one. If I look at the same page with Safari, I don't get the picture even thought the code is there.

    I also really miss the word counter. It was a great way to enforce self editing.

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