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have more than one blog. how do i post under new blog name?

  1. halftalkingtoherself

    i have a couple of blogs and started a new one. when i post it says i'm posting from the other blog which is unrelated. how do i make the post show up under the right blog name?? thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. unfortunately you only get one name per account to post as, regardless of how many blogs.

    FY additional Info: you can change that name by choosing a blogs dashboard-->
    left column-> users--> my profile.

  3. You can open a second account / user name (don't need the blog) (you do need a new email address - WRITE DOWN THE NEW ADDRESS!!! as everything here is keyed to the email address) then invite the new User (you) to the blog you want to use the other name on - then you need to log into the 2nd blog as the new user.

  4. halftalkingtoherself

    well, i went ahead and changed the username to something that works for both main blogs even though they are totally different. thanks for the advice! i'm terribly technologically challenged LOL!

  5. halftalkingtoherself

    now my other question is.... even though i made the new one my main blog (i think) my username takes you to the older one when clicked. i swear i changed it in the dashboard so that the new one is the main blog.

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