Have new domain. Should I delete the old WordPress.com blog?

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    I have a free blog on WordPress.com.

    I have since gotten a new domain from a host company, and I am using WordPress.org now at my new domain.

    I tried fiddling with importing and exporting and couldn’t figure it out.

    Since I didn’t have that many posts yet, I just manually copied and pasted my posts and pictures from my WordPress.com blog into my new domain WordPress.org site. I manually entered links in my new sidebar.

    So I currently have the free WordPress.com blog AND my domain site. I want to have only ONE site – my new domain.

    I want my old WordPress.com blog to be obsolete. I didn’t want to delete it yet in case I need it for some technical reason. I just want to shut it down to the public so that it no longer exists to them.

    After I do a final post on my free blog giving my readers the new URL and leave it up for a few days, is it OK to delete the old free blog, or are the two connected somehow (backups, etc.)?

    Is there a way for me to shut down public access to my old blog but still have personal access to it in case I need it for something? Do I even need it?

    What is the best route to take?



    Mark it as private for now.

    Deleting it is irrevocable.



    Heck, I’d leave it open, find a theme that displays the sidebar in every Page and Post, and put in a single text widget pointing to your new blog. That way in case someone stumbles onto your old blog, they’ll have a link to your new one.



    Not to mention making the start page a page about your new blog, with a link to it smack-dab in the middle.



    That as well. Just don’t overdo it though. Then you get into that grey are of it being a link spam blog and staff will come down on it.



    Thank you all so much for your helpful replies. That all makes sense.

    Thanks again!

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