Have pages, but nothing on blog appears

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    I have 3 pages,- an about me, article on seahorses, and article on compassionate farming. However, when I click ‘My blog’ the pages listed re up the top, but there is no main content, it just says ‘It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help’

    The blog I need help with is alittlebitcounts.wordpress.com.


    Your blog default setting is to display your most recent posts in reverse chronological order, so it’s only showing like that because you haven’t made any posts (only pages). Once you add some posts, they’ll show up and that message will disappear.

    If you want to assign a single page to be your home page instead, though, you can definitely do that: Front Page


    Actually, looking at your content: except the About page, they look like blog posts to me, rather than pages. Here’s some info on the difference: Post vs. Page

    You might want to create two new posts and copy/paste the content from your two pages into them. Then delete the original pages. Your posts will be posts, and they’ll show up on your home page!


    Ah I see! Thank you for making it clearer! :)


    Very welcome. Good luck with your new site!


    Thanks! I did what you said and made them posts rather than pages, and its looking much better :)

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