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Have posts been lost in the past minutes?

  1. I seem to have lost the posts from the last couple of days in the past minutes. It seems that we have reverted to a backup from a couple of days ago, as one post showed as 'draft', and the very last one was gone...

    Did this happen to anyone else?

  2. My blog's dissapeared altogether - there were only a couple of posts on it, made in Dec, but I decided to fire it up again, worked on it last night and now its showing as having no posts.

  3. rdsc - they are in a backup and will be restored as soon we can. It was a hiccup while doing some backend admin - sorry!

  4. I've lost about all posts from the last 2-3 days. And yes I would like to get them back.

  5. Re: Missing posts.

    Just curious. When will you be restoring the posts from yesterday?

  6. Within the next 24 hours hopefully.
    Nothing should have gone and the new posts should just slide back into place.

  7. One of my posts is still missing. :(

  8. Ashan - use your feedback link and I'll get it looked at.

  9. thanks for helping that !!!!

  10. So stuff will come back? I was having a little panick attack seconds ago... All my posts are gone. :(

  11. My whole blog is experiencing a blackout... LOL!

  12. Same here. The whole thing looks like a pile of crap. Posts gone. And today is Sunday and we've spent hours posting everywhere, paving the net with our last post. I envy your sense of humor Waffle. I can't believe this is happening but i shouldn't complain, it's free :((((

  13. my blog has disappeared. as if it's deleted.

  14. me too waffle! blog vanished minutes ago... =(
    i'm waiting patiently wordpress, just give me back my blog! i miss looking at it...

  15. happy easter everyone

  16. My whole page is gone as well. Has this happened before on wordpress? I had over 258 post and they are all gone

  17. Same here... Its all gone, just a few min. ago. I already sent a feedback to WP. Hope It will be restored soon

  18. omg me too! My whole's blogs gone..all that work! Please tell me we'll get it all the posts back..

  19. Err. My posts has been lost too, just some minutes ago.

  20. My post are missing as well. :( I hope it will me restored.

  21. ditto, everything's gone from mine :-( I'd been doing some category tidying up and at first I thought I'd inadvertently deleted it all myself!

  22. I've lost about all posts. And yes I would like to get them back.
    since my post in fedora core 5 help others use the fedora core 5, I don't have backup, please restore it again.

  23. itsallconnected

    Let me add my name to this chorus: I've been away for a couple of days, and now my blog is totally empty! What's going on?

  24. Blogless in Kabul...everything gone 5:45 p.m. in Afghanistan.
    7:15 A.M. MDT.

  25. Did you notice that the wordpress webpage is down too?

    I hope someone did not hack into the system.

    And the reason no moderators are answering us is what I fear the most.

  26. itsmylifedammit

    Ditto. Even the WP FAQ blog is gone....

  27. Yes!!! My posts too ...It was such a surprise this morning when I looked at my blog and there was nothing there!!! Interestingly, I had set up my blog just yesterday and I was wondering ...I hope this is not a common scene at WordPress ...I have been raving to people about WordPress and don't want to disappoint them.

  28. wow, i'm so glad i found this topic. i thought someone had hacked my blog and deleted everything, lol.
    some notification from wordpress could've been sent out to admins though, i must say ...

  29. Same here!! Lost my entire blog and all its entries. Panic battle stations. I'm sure it's just a momentary glitch. Just when I felt in a rather introspective mood, hopefully, it'll be back up in no time!

  30. This happend yesterday too.. it's a bit annoying. I closed my Blogger for WordPress, and so this happen two times.


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