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Have posts been lost in the past minutes?

  1. Damned, I hope it's not some hackers attack. Even the homepage has gone. Happened before, like a few weeks ago, they had to fight them away and the whole community was disrupted...

  2. I have not closed my blogger account yet and I am glad. I hope this does not continue to be a problem

  3. Another lost blog here too. What's happening? See

  4. My blog -- my posts! my links! Gone! O___O Aaah!

  5. it's a general breakdown, check from the dashboard, even the top blogs like are no longer available. Damned, damned, damned

  6. My blog posts were gone too. All 600 posts. Closed down Blogger for WordPress. Man.

    Can anything be done about this? Help!


  7. And so have all my posts and pages and stuff been lost... Second time since I started, couple of months ago, with WordPress... :-(

  8. nooneiswatching

    *throws tantrums*

  9. same for us :( just recently opened it and then this... hope they will return without a data loss.

  10. And all the while I thought I was the isolated case. Hope this problem could be resolved soon.

  11. ...and yes: main-site is gone. when i try to access it - all it does is downloading a 0 Kb document to my desktop named "". looks bad...

  12. OMG! I thought I was the only one.. whew! I hope this gets taken care of asap!

    thanks guys!

  13. Guys, guys please relax. I'm no admin or mod but you gotta understand the situation over here. WordPress is facing a couple of problems but they definitely will fix it up for us. Matt has already explained the fact that WP takes regualar backups and you guys should wait patiently. We've been together with WP for long and this is the first time, they are facing such a problem so we have to continue supporting them. Screaming in the forums is not going to help you out, okay!

    On a sidenote, as all other blogs, mine too is gone and I hope I don't lose any post, each post is precious to me.

    P.S: Kinda amusing and amazing that the forums seem perfect.

    Double P.S: Was the problem with the new feed stats?

  14. Yes, the Forum seems to be the only thing working ;-) Let's hope it is all there when I look next time; my new blog was so pretty too. Much nicer than the Blogger one.

  15. Hope they will fix it soon :)

  16. I cant believe this.Is this going to be reversed or should I cry now?

  17. Its Easter, isnt it. I lost everything, too and have some strange pingback listed in my dashboard.

  18. It's not just that my blog is gone...I can't actually put any new posts, pages or bookmarks in. (Although, strangely, I can still fiddle with presentation and widgets, the latter of which I've used for purposes of apologia). I'm just hoping the next stage will be blogs fixed rather than these few facilities disappearing too...

    *sniffs theatrically*

  19. Not to be too sacreligious, but let's hope WordPress is resurrected soon...;)

  20. I don't even have a dashboard, just "Firefox can't find the server".

  21. I'm just going to be real.....This sucks!!!!

  22. :( just when i was hoping to put in some work.

    hope it comes back soon. but boy did i get a scare when i opened the page and found just some flickr pics on it. refreshed like mad and then came down here to get in touch with support.

    i'm being ever the optimist and expecting everything to be back to normal as they've got a back up right?

  23. Hi from Paris, where all my posts have disappeared too. It's written "sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here". Let's hope it's somewhere else still !!! Globally, WordPress is a great creative community with a generous purpose. Nobody's perfect ! I believe they won't let us down ! Novalisa @ still...

  24. Too me it seems like their database is down as I can't save any new posts either.. hopefully it'll be back soon.

  25. It's like that saying goes "If something seems too good....."

  26. No posts in Oregon...I am a recent transfer from Blogger...I really enjoy WordPress, but not this part of it...
    any word on when we will be able to access posts again?

  27. nope moderators celebrating Easter

  28. Happy Easter everyone...
    We have got nothing we can do... If everything's going to be gone, there's no use screaming here...
    Just relax, sit back and wait... Come back in another 12 hours time...

  29. Found this when I hit the "next blog" button:

    <b>Confessions Of A Server

    OH MY! Life is so unfair! What did I do wrong to be born a server in this day and age? I could have been a nice simple bicycle that people happily rode around on all day. But no, I'm stuck inside this metal case serving web pages instead. I never even see the light of day and all I can hear is the rush of the air-conditioning!
    Well, no more! I'm relaxing here with a cup of tea and a biscuit until someone shows me some love and attention.

    It never takes them long to fix me when I kick up a fuss so check back in a few minutes and I'll be chugging along merrily again.!

    The web server
    ( - where even the machines have life!)</b>

  30. Yup, all contents of my blog have gone too (everything...posts, links, categories).

    This really sucks. If they had proper backups, shouldn't they have been restored already ? Perhaps there has been a significant datacenter failure. I read recently that Automattic got venture funding...maybe this has something to do with that (some disgruntled person maybe ?).

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