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Have text appear when hovering over text

  1. I'm not very familiar with writing html or anything like that.
    I want text to appear when hovering over certain words. Basically I want to put vocabulary definitions with certain words.
    How do I go about this?


  2. You can't do it on a blog unless those words are themselves an html link.

  3. In the Visual Editor, you can create a false link on the word (leave the link URL blank) and then use the Title Text function which is limited to about 78 characters in the Title line, which is the Hover Text/Tool Tip. test (hopefully, that's going to work.) If you accidentally click on that link, a warning window will pop up telling you that is not a valid URL. Kinda annoying.

  4. I did not know that. Interesting.

  5. @rain-Yes you did, you just said it above me :) (I have to remember to refresh the page before hitting the "send" button) The only down side, like I mentioned above, is that if someone clicks on that link before they see the tool tip is they'll be annoyed more than anything, so an explanation somewhere in the post like "hold mouse over X to see definition" is really necessary. Don't want to purposely annoy the readers. ;)

  6. I, myself, meant actually making a link to a page with the definition on it. I didn't realize you could generate alt text for links that did not actually work.

  7. Ah, thanks. That will work wonderfully!
    Actually, in my browser, I don't get a warning window, it just reloads the current page.
    Thanks again!

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