Have the ads always been at the bottom of my posts??

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    A friend just pointed out that I had banner ads showing up at the bottom of my posts today. Wondered if it was related to the poll feature I used in today’s post. I removed it, and the banner ads are still there.

    I looked around the forums and realized that these banner ads aren’t seen by logged in viewers (hence I didn’t know), and only to those that aren’t logged in. It’s said that “from time to time” they’re discretely included to help pay for the free site… what I’m wondering is 1) how they consider 2 big honkin’ banner ads at the bottom of every blog post “discrete” and 2) have these been there this whole time? Or is it really “from time to time” and randomly shown on my blog for random periods of time…?

    The blog I need help with is justalillost.wordpress.com.



    1) you’ll have to ask staff. People have been complaining about this literally for years.

    2) Again, you’ll have to ask staff. I know the most popular posts do always seem to have ads on them; at least on my own blog that was the case.

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