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Have the profile look

  1. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to have the profile look and feel in my blog, is there a plugin to do that? I have look around on the net but I can't find anything, I would like to customize the "About yourself" area for something else...

    Thanks in advance for the guidance

  2. I'm assuming this is regarding the new profile pop-up box.

    We often make functionalities available for as a form of plugin or core enhancement. However, that profile box feature is not available as such at the moment.

    You can check back later:

    For more question on how to customize author profile page, please visit forums and documentation.

  3. Hi Naokomc, thanks for the help, but I was referring to how the profile page looks like, it's cleaner than the regular one that you get after installing it.
    For example I go to public profile and I have the option to change the gravatar, have the basic details and contacts, in the regular one you have it different, and in my case I don't like how the "About yourself" looks but since that's in the core of WP I guess that I can change it at all or hide it, since I tried to hardcode the changes and that didn't work :(

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