Have "Twenty Eleven," considering switch to "Sight" or "Profile." Help

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    Hey all,

    My site, http://www.spokesandpetals.wordpress.com, is currently using “The Twenty Eleven” theme. I’m really wanting to give it a fresher look, and am considering both “Sight” (free!) and “Profile” (fancy?).

    I am wanting to keep the same(ish?) content and (ideally!) want a theme that will switch over pretty smoothly, instead of my having to spend days piecing it together to look decent. When I did the live preview of “Sight” it didn’t show any pictures, so I’m curious: does the user get to select the showcased image for each post? Also, the site title, “Spokes and Petals,” looked terrible. It took up three lines, and the sight description was even worse, written in a tiny font being crowded on the same line as “Petals” Does this just look terrible b/c the live preview is set for a much briefer title?

    Also, what are the merits of “sight” and/or “profile” over “twenty eleven”?

    Quick backstory: I write about the wilderness within cities–animals, plants, waterways, etc., and how we interact with it. I’m looking to do a lot more writing in the coming years, hoping to make it a legit part of my income. (I have a book deal; squee.) Ideally I’d like to put together a website that advertises myself well while also featuring real pretty content. And, ideally, I’d like to not spend too much extra money on it, because I am quite low-income.

    Any and all feedback is appreciated! Unless all you want to do is to sell me a Russian bride; all good on those at present.


    The blog I need help with is spokesandpetals.wordpress.com.



    If you don’t want to spend days working on it, do NOT choose one of the themes that shows Featured Images on the front page. Why? Because if your images are not already set as Featured, they don’t show. Some themes give you a blank box, some themes at least post the title. But either way, it’s a huge pain in the ass to have to go through all your posts and set a Featured Image for all of them one by one. There’s good money to be made for the guy who writes a script that can do this automatically.


    Thanks for that, raincoaster! Super helpful to know. Pretty mindblowing that the script doesn’t exist. You’d think they’d just throw a random picture in for you, like the way that facebook can choose a pic/small offering of pics when you share links.



    It honestly wouldn’t be that hard. Someone should really do it. I changed one of my blogs to Inuit Types and it was a huge PIA.

    What you might want to do is create a new blog, a private blog, import your contents into thta so it’s a perfect duplicate, and then start playing with the free themes on that one so you can see what they’ll look like. Exporting contents from your blog doesn’t erase them, so there will be no change to your existing blog.


    Amazing idea!! I’m going to take you up on it. Thanks!

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