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    So I think I royally messed up today: I started a second blog, which I wanted private, but even though I signed up for a new e-mail account and everything, the two are still somehow linked. And now my gravitars are screwed up, on the wrong blogs, and I can’t un-administrate my real name from my anonymous blog, and the anonymous name shows up on my real-name blog…! Help!
    Blog url: http://themousessoapbox.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is themousessoapbox.wordpress.com.



    1) Go to the dashboard of the one you want Anonymous and under Settings->Reading make sure it’s set to Private. That enables you to fiddle without anyone seeing.

    2) on that dashboard, check Users. See which of your usernames is the Admin of that blog. Let’s call it blog A for Anonymous, and the new username you want to admin that, to be User A. Make sure User A is the admin. If it isn’t, Invite it by email or username.

    2) on your regular blog, check Users and see if User B is the admin of that blog. If not, Invite him to be. And then once he is the admin, you can delete User A from that blog. Same process on the other blog, in reverse.

    Then you should have two separate blogs, A under user A and B under user B. Then you can change the privacy settings.


    Thanks, raincoaster, I tried that. It won’t let me edit or delete my real name from the anonymous blog. Ugh! :(



    See? It changed my name/gravitar just now!!! AAAUUUGGHH!! (to quote Charlie Brown)



    Okay, I think I solved my dilemma — I logged out of everything, made a new e-mail account and a new wordpress account. Everything’s separate now, and the anonymous blog seems to be anonymous. :)

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