Have two passwords and names?

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    I managed to install WordPress on my server, through “Fantastico” and have the name ‘Greycap’, with a capital first letter. Password is “aXXXXXX”

    Then tried to log on, with the above name and password, to the WordPress which is not server based. Wouldn’t work.

    Had to register again and have a second set of name and passwords: ‘greycap’ (lower case ‘g’. This time)’ and a new passwodr 7XXXXXX.

    So, is there any way to just have the one set of log on details, or am I stuck with two?

    I was advised to register the server side WordPress to use a new Tag and Ping concept, but have found Tag and Ping very complicated and almost impossible to get working, for a newbie, such as myself.

    Only just managed to use the basics of Blogger.com and can’t get RSS to work for me. Big prob. appears to be my total lack of HTML and where to place all that code in my blogs and web sites.

    Greycap, or should that be ‘greycap’?



    i’m sorry, i don’t know



    Thank you for your answer luthfi, but is there anybody out there, who <b>does</b> know, please?



    “I managed to install WordPress on my server”

    Find your name and change your password IF you are on your NON-wordpress.com blog by following this:

    Please post any followups to http://wordpress.org/support



    Thank you Podz. I looked at the URL, but it worried me a little, as it said I hade to delete everything in a cache file. What if there is some essential information in there?

    Not sure if that is what I’m after.

    Basically, I’m wondering why I need two WordPress accounts. One server side and one, not, both with different names and passwords.

    Also, at the bottom of your answer, you had, “Please post any followups to wordpress.org/support”

    Does this mean I am doing wrong by answering your suggestions here, on this forum, as I am now doing?

    Followed that link, but found myself on a different, but similar forum, with no sign of my original post, so I returned here.

    Hope this answer is acceptable.





    This forum is for people who have their blog here at wordpress.com
    If you have a blog on a server elsewhere using fantastico or the downloaded version of wordpress you need to go to the other forums for specific support, not here.



    Thank you podz for your reply.

    However, if I asked on the other server side WordPress forum, my question would be exactly the same.

    i.e. Same WordPress, but two different login details. Why? A bit confusing.

    I thought somebody from WordPress Support might be able to answer my query, but perhaps there is no one from WordPress actually monitoring this forum.

    Sorry my English is not so good.





    Please ask on the other forum.
    This forum is only for wordpress.COM users

    There are many people on the other forums who can and will answer.



    The point that Podz is making is that we’re using a different code base that’s different from the one you are using. Our answer in this case would not be correct for your setup.

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