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Have you been wonering how to edit pics?

  1. Have you been wanting to make pics for so long but you just can't make them? Well, this post will help. If you had ever been to my site and into my pics, you may have noticed I edited them. So here is how you do it:First, right click the image you want and save it to the desktop. And then, open it, and right click the image and the first option you have is "edit". The edit feature allows you to draw on your pic and to type words you want on it. Using it is very easy, so don't worry about controls. Here's an example of a pic I made.
    You can make a pic just like that if you follow these instructions. I hope my topic has helped you edit a picture simply.


  2. Spend a couple of weeks learning this site and it will be a great help for you:

    And also check the toolbar on the top of that site for all the different features.

  3. I'll try to learn how.

  4. Just a note
    The title is spelt wrong its: How you been wondering how to edit pics?
    and how do you take a screenshot from a game?

  5. Click Print Screen Sys Rq on your keyboard. That takes a picture of the entire area. Then take it to an editor, I use XP's Paint, and edit it there. But sometimes I've encountered that we can't take a screenshot and the video is still movable on Paint. Which means it can't be uploaded. Just depends on what you're copying.

  6. Huh? I don't recall seeing that thing on my keyboard.

  7. On my keyboard it's on the right side of the big Enter key.

  8. Print Screen Sys Rq

  9. Oh, I found it! Thanks!

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