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Have you ever moved cities?

  1. taylorcommunications

    Hello all,

    Just thought I'd ask some advice from folks who have moved to different cities/provinces/states on their own, with no specific reason but a change of scenery?

    Or if there was a reason what was it?

    How did you deal with it?

    How did you make friends?

    Just to give a little background, I live in AB now, and I am looking to move to BC where my boyfriend lives. I have a few friends there, but not many. I have a few friends here (AB), and they are close to me. I have a brother, nephew and sister in law here. My father is moving to upper AB and my mother moved years ago to the UK. I do have a job but its a contract and could end anytime. I don't do much, I come to work and sit, and they pay me for it. My lease is up at the end of June.

    I feel as though it's time to move on and try something different. But is it wise to leave behind what little I do have, for something unknown?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have I ever moved cities? well, not with my bare hands! just kidding.
    I not only changed cities, I went to live and work on the other side of the world.
    I lived and worked in Chongqing, China for three and a half years. I was an educator.
    It was always my dream to move to China, and I did it! I'm definitely going back
    to live there forever. I actually like it better than America. It was absolutely
    amazing living in a city of 35 million people.....sigh, I miss it so much!

  3. Leaving what is familiar to venture into the unknown can be a life changing experience!
    Do it......and have no regrets. If you don't do it, you may regret it forever!

  4. I moved to another city for my phd last autumn. Settling in was made relatively easy as it's a phd programme so lots of us in the same "new in the city" boat. I don't regret the move as I went through two years of shit to find financing for my phd but as soon as I can I will be moving back to my town of birth, Berlin. I miss it, miss the big city, the attitude of people there - as I like to say "Berlin is love".

    So I guess my point is - a change of scenery might be awesome for one person and horrible for the next. What I realised is that I didn't actually change. I thought "yay, nobody there knows you so you can try new things". That did not work. I'm just me in a new postcard-pretty scenery which is not bad, of course.

  5. Twice. Within the last 10 months. And all alone too!
    I moved for uni :) Then I changed uni's again in March so I had to move.
    The making friends thing can be hard - racial problems, language barriers, ignorance, etc., but there's nothing I can do except tough it out.
    (Africa to Asia)

    Oh, when i was younger I had to move with my family for two years to join my dad who was working abroad. That was fun :)
    (Africa to England)

  6. Oh, maybe I should've added - it's. worth. it.

  7. I've moved every year since the year I turned 12, one of those times was moving from the US to Norway. For me its been an amazing experience. I started out hating starting a new life in a new place each time but now I love it. The best advice I could give is not to shut yourself out if you decide to move in with your boyfriend. Meet new people from different social circles, and just find people you can be comfortable with. Its different from person to person but thats always worked for me. Once you find people to just hang out with other things start to fall into place. And its always good to remember that no matter where you move you will still have your old friends too. You might not see them everyday, but you always have one way or another to contact them :)

  8. I moved from Toronto to Vancouver BC. Which part of B.C. are you considering?
    It was a huge decision for me because I left mid-career.

    Vancouver is expensive..even more expensive than Toronto.

    My partner lived in Alberta for 2 yrs. so I'm familiar with Calgary.
    However we live close to transit, services, stores, many activities. It's very important rather than isolating yourself out in the suburbs where it's just harder to find things to do without driving around all the time. We live a car-free life. Get involved in some volunter work, outdoor group activities,

    Yes, more rain in southwestern B.C. in fall, winter..but I get to bike year-round without freezing too much. Vegetation here is different, more lush ..bigger flowers, etc. At least this applies to the coastal region.

    Are you an outdoor person? Then one would love B.C.

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