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Have you included a link to your blog on your resume?

  1. So I'm looking to move into a new career...maybe something in new media, maybe into education. I'm still in that exploratory stage.

    But while tweaking my (old, dusty) resume tonight, I have become stumped.

    Should I, or shouldn't I, include a link to my blog?

    I know for some, this is a no-brainer. Of course you will if it will showcase your work which might bode very well for your industry. Maybe it's the entire reason you started to blog. Makes sense.

    My blog isn't a diary, it's not emo, there's nothing I'm embarrassed or concerned about future employers being exposed to. It's news bits with a small dose of my personality thrown in.

    So not sure what benefits, if any, it would have to include it....

    I'm curious on your experience....have you included a link to your blog and received any feedback from doing so?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The rule is the same as everything you put in a resume: only include it if it makes you look good and is appropriate for the particular job you're applying for.

  3. I wouldn't write it in my resume. But I would mention it during the interviews. But in my case it will be because, my blog is not adding anything to my work-skills. But it is enriching me as a person, so I would mention it during the the interview, specially under questions like 'tell us more about yourself'. I hear they don't wish to hear things out of the resume then anyways.

  4. I included only the blogs where I wrote articles that at least focus on a theme and were supporting an organization: that clearly is business-oriented/client-focused.

    I include the select blogs to demonstrate a willingness to try new things and show how to use recent technology tools to support marketing of services/products.

    In my profession, mastery of a diverse range and software platforms for content management, is key to people with formal trained skills in content management. Blog technology is actually "light" technology: it does not meet huge, massive and complex content management needs of large organizations. It's just an add-on tool to enterprise-wide software.

  5. @Rainforest Makes sense. Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up so difficult to figure this one out.

    @sayali611 Hmm, interesting! It is, most assuredly, an interest of mine so I'm thinking now I might include it under my interest. Or, as you do, in person. I likey!

    @maidiebike Yea, you sound like you have a brilliant handle on this. I'm not blogging client-focused so it's tricky. For me, at least.

    Thanks, y'all!

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