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Have you lost weight and kept it off? How??Help??

  1. Any advice guys, on how to stick to the weight loss programme and stay fit? Its been a stuggle for me..when im happy i tend to relax and not exercise but everytime i have a fight with my spouse , im on the road again..jogging and doing aerobics and also dieting. how do i stick to the programme, happy or not?

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  3. Consistency - that's the key.

    Find 10 minutes a day to do this - I cross-trained my spouse with weights, karate and aerobics - and in a week she lots 14 pounds.

    True story - we did weight checking.

    (I had to step in, things were gettin' outta control lol)

  4. im glad you are helping her, very few do that maybe its because they dont want to hurt their spouse's feelings but i guess the best way is to help. My spouse has tried to help but its on his terms of which is really a bit too much for me.

  5. I just started using "Herbalife." It works with my schedule, personal needs. I'm only on day 2 but like it.

  6. Actually I put all niceness aside, she was getting from thick to fat so I said "honey is time to hit the weights" lol

    Well she got a great sense of humor, before I said that she called herself a big fat marshmallow and an owl with two fat legs lol lol.

    Anyway, her feelings weren't hurt but for other people I think it pays to be frank.. I mean, how else would you get them to change and stop making excuses for not exercising. I mean a lil bit each day is not too much.. but we always find excuses, how do you get through to that..?

    Well I blabbed enuff, also I think to keep it interesting is a factor too - nobody looks forward to a boring workout lol.

    -Baba. :o)

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