Have you made any money with WP.COM?

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    I noticed that advertising with wordpress was allowed if you had 25k/monthly views. Is this new? I can’t believe I missed this.

    That’s incredible! All those months of missed dough haha. We hit that around May last year and for some frightening reason are somehow approaching 300k. Totally mad. I think the view counter is wrong. It must be.

    Are any of you guys on this 50/50 revenue split thing? How much could you theoretically make/have already made?

    I know for those wanting proper advertising should go to WP.ORG. I have to keep ignoring/telling advertising email folk I can’t accept their ads.

    Been trying to make a move to wp.org (not just for advertising, but for wider range of themes/widgets and other reasons) but been a bit busy. I’ll defo miss the wp.com support though – these guys and forum folk are awesome.
    Side Q. If I self host and for some reason WP.COM begins to accept any ads/any themes/widgets, could I export back to wp.com?

    The blog I need help with is mynokiablog.com.



    No and am not looking to do so, but if your blog is getting the requisite 25K pageviews/month, then you can sign up at the bottom of this page http://en.support.wordpress.com/advertising/ Good luck with any earnings because ads on your blog are still limited to Adsense and Skimlinks, not every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants you to run their ads on your blog.

    As far as exporting back to com from org, theoretically you should be able to do it and as long as you comply with the ToS.




    Thanks Jen,

    Yeah, I understood that the ads were only skim link/adsense and the 50/50 cut, but still, better than nothing ^_^

    Thanks also for the info on exporting with note on TOS. I may have to cull “paid reviews” when exporting back.

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