having a hard tiime putting hit counter

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    hi there! i need help in putting blog hit counter.. how do i post the link given to me by the hit counter site? do i need to download an html editor.. im new to this.. and cant understand the intructions.. thanks! :-)

    The blog I need help with is humdingercrazy.wordpress.com.


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    First, we must start with a link to your blog. Start with http://
    We need that in order to provide accurate technical assistance………;

    Then, post the code for the counter you are trying to insert.

    In order for the code to appear properly, put a backtick like this: `
    at the start and the end. of the code.

    The Backtick is the lowercase on the tilde key next to the “1” key…



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    @humdingercrazy : if you want to add an overall hit counter then you can use the inbuilt hit counter, by enabling from Appearance -> Widget and then adding the Blog Stats Widget, which will show how many hits are there. I have also set it in my blog. Check the link from the wordpress.com support page

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