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Having a Page based on a Category

  1. Hi I'm new to wordpress and has just started up my blog on I understand that a Page is for static information.

    Is it possible to have a page display posts under a predetermined category?

    I know clicking the category in the category widget achieve the same effect by assembling the relevant posts on the fly. But I would like to emulate a page and put a tab at the top of my blog.

    For example, click a tab called "Gadgets" on top of the blog and the result is the equivalent of clicking the "Gadgets" category in the category widget. I don't intend to turn all my categories into tabbed pages, just 3-5 main categories.

  2. Great. I was wondering about the same thing. Thanks for the info!

  3. you can also check this out here.

  4. oops sorry forgot to tell you that you will find step by step instructions at that site for every basic function.

  5. This is not a basic function. This is a very advanced function.

  6. I don't mean to be a harpy, but you would add to the impression that you know what you are doing if you'd use the correct URL, which is not

  7. Thank you Panos for the reply. That was useful and I'm sure I'll be using that in the near future.But my question is slightly different:

    I want to have a tab (for a one of my categories, say "Recipes") at the top of the blog, just like a tab for a Page.
    When a visitor clicks on that tab, it should be like he/she clicked on the Category "Recipes" in the Category widget ie. wordpress will assemble all my posts with "Recipes" Category and display it.

    Sorry if my earlier question was not clear enough. I'm not sure if THIS is clear enough either. Cheers!

  8. @tech4tea
    Yes, what Panos pointed to will achieve what you want. You can link a static page to a category feed. This is the format for a category on blogs:

  9. I get it and it's actually also what I really want to know. (Though the url in title-thing is also great to know!)

    Is there a way to have such a tab work like a drop-down-menu for the posts in a given category?

    Now that I write this, this sounds pretty far-fetched for a free blog but well. Can wp do this anyway?

  10. @tech4tea-It is, and Panos' answer still applies.

    Use your category URL, such as "category/events/" for the address in the Page title, should look something like <a href="category/events/">Events_</a> I've used an underscore here, but it should be a space instead.

    @tfockler60 if you are going to reply to a thread, please actually reply rather than just hawk your blog. You can advertise your blog in the Showcase forum. Doing that here is not good netiquette.

  11. ~~ @raincoaster
    You are not being a harpy.

    This ill informed and opportunistic link dropping has to stop. There's Showcase Forum to promote your baby blog in please use it. If you do not have a correct and relevant answer to support questions being posed then I think your time will be best spent in researching what the correct answer is.

  12. The answer was right there staring me in the face. Thanks again Panos and to all the other helpful and patient responders. I'm so new to wordpress, still have a lot more to learn and to think more flexibly. The response in this forum is so prompt and thorough it's heartening. Thanks to all.

  13. @Hi tech4tea
    The trick Panos discovered is not a "feature". We don't know if Staff will remove the ability to place live links in the title field of Pages or not. What we do know is that it does work on some themes right now. :)

  14. @rain, I post the link that way for a reason. It takes them to the "entire site" NOT just a specific post. Thank you.

    @time, it is not ill-informed or opportunistic to offer someone who states they are NEW to WP help. Having been in those shoes not long ago myself I quickly found that there is a big "lacking" in the way questions are answered by you and others like you at times. Most responses are either links to personal sites (wait..isn't that what your telling me not to do?) like yours that are very technical in nature or links to the Support site (which IS very helpful IF you understand the answers) or very technical replies that it seems many don't understand (if they did then the same questions would not get asked over and over again)

    What I offer is just a simple BASIC understanding that hopefully makes sense in a way that most can understand.I stay away from the more technical things for a reason. There is a wealth of information for the more advanced options here and that's wonderful but you have to understand the basics first.

    Telling someone you have to go here, do this or that is fine if they know where here is or even how to find it, otherwise its just a moot point and one that leaves them frustrated and looking for help again.

    So thank you for your opinion, but I will continue to offer help on a basic level to anyone who is new so that they can hopefully move forward and learn like I did and continue to do.

  15. @tfockler60
    This is the correct link to your blog:

    (note: no www!!!)

  16. It is better that people who offer help on a basic level understand what they're talking about on at least a basic level.

  17. @tess. I will make note of that, thank you. Interesting that the other link with the www seems to work as well which is why I posted it that way, but if it is prefered to use the http then I will amend it.

    @rain, you have no idea what I know or don't know, so please refrain from making assumptions about me.

  18. I think that timethief's point is important. Anyone using this technique should be aware that it could stop working at any time. A theme update or software update could block this loophole and leave you at best with tabs that do nothing.

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