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Having a twitter and facebook icon on my blog

  1. chrismackenziecouk


    Is it possible to integrate a facebook and twitter icon into a word press blog.

    Thanks in advance

  2. We need a link to the blog please.

  3. kathleenfreitaskrajewski

    Hello again sacredpath...I think I messed up again as well...I have been going back and forth on placing my fb link on blog...Thought I'd just do it and then delete if changed mind but had problems.
    Now I know if I decide to Integrate, to let you know, but so far, getting error reading. think 12. and other numbers at links.

    Also, I copied MY poems to MY blog page, from my fb...Is that ok or am I going to have to delete my whole page????

    Also was hoping you could check out my blog. I am still trying to figure out what I am doing some.
    Like how to create side tags. But don't laugh as it looks pretty bad so far.

    Tks Kathleen

  4. We cannot check your blog without a LINK to your blog, starting with http.

  5. kathleenfreitaskrajewski

  6. kathleenfreitaskrajewski

    Also, Would like to add my fb to my blog please....Tks in advance.

  7. kathleenfreitaskrajewski

    Tks Raincoaster, Love your site by the way....Your poem is really nice. And I love your cartoon's.

  8. I'm also interested in this topic. My blog is
    I can add links to my facebook and twitter pages, but I was looking to add actual icons for Facebook and Twitter. How can I do that? thanks!

  9. You can go on the internet and locate images for both very easily. Then you can hyperlink them to your facebook and twitter pages and place them in a text widget. I find the easiest way to make a text widget is to compose it like a draft post and then copy all the HTML once it looks just the way I want. That way you can use all the formatting scope of the visual editor. Then I simply copy and paste into a text widget and delete the draft post.

  10. You can use Icon Finder to Find A high res icon for Facebook and Twitter to downlaod to your computer and then upload to your blog.

    Twitter Icon's search results

    Facebook Icon's search results

  11. Thank you to Timetheif and T3ck for your assistance. Worked like a charm!

  12. why do you need a link to his/her blog to answer the question? the answer is yes. I've done it, check out my blog to get a visual.

  13. why do you need a link to his/her blog to answer the question? the answer is yes. I've done it, check out my blog to get a visual.

    Because the questioner may be in the wrong forum - answers applicable to WordPress.COM may not be applicable to WordPress.ORG. And, of course, they may not have a WP blog at all. Simple, really...

  14. And at times the number of people asking questions here in the forums, who are not hosted here, can run to 50%. If we give them the answer for here, and they are not hosted here, we may be giving them an answer that is not applicable to them.

    Would you have use waste their time and give them wrong answers, or would you have us get them to the place where they can get answers appropriate to their blog?

  15. Pls, I am also interested in getting this link, my blog is "".
    Thanks in anticipation

  16. @jupitar87, see this reply by timethief above: . It tells you how to do it.

  17. Just another question as a trailer-end to this thread and particularly to TimeThief's answer (find above). I know it may sound like a stupid question, but how exactly do you hyperlink an image?

    Do you do it before you upload the icon to WordPress or do you do it in WordPress itself?

    I'm trying to hyperlink Twitter's icon from my blog to my Twitter and so far have not been successful!

  18. I would like to send a Link To face book from Word press

  19. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that the questions asked here concern the addition of the blogger's facebook profile link to the blog. That is, a link that will send the reader to directly to the blogger's FB profile.

    My question is a little different. I would like for my readers to be able to share my blog posts with their friends on FB. In other words, just like the "sharing" option on, say, youtube, I wold like to add a feature that a reader could click on and have my post show up on his/her FB profile to share with friends.

    Is this possible?

  20. actually, i'm interested in this too.. is it possible to have a bunch of sharing icons at the end of each post so people can easily repost to their facebook/twitter/del.i.cious etc... ?
    thanks in advance for your answer..

  21. Yes, but it's not automatic; you have to do a little work yourself. I notice when I use GetSocial my hits go up by 20-30%. Unfortunately, I'm working on a Linux netbook and it is for Windows only:

  22. Once again, raincoaster comes through with more huge help. That GetSocial application is fantastic.

  23. Thanks. I wish I could take credit for it. It's so good I actually donated, and God knows, I'm desperately impoverished.

  24. I created a little app to do the same thing you need. Right before I make a post I enter go the Social Bookmark Page and add my title and the short url. You can pick if you want a facebook icon, twitter icon, etc.

    You are welcome to use it if you want to.

  25. What does the


    code do?

  26. Hi,

    Is it possible to integrate a facebook, my space, active rain and twitter icon into a word press blog.

    Thanks in advance
    Dagmar Sands

  27. Find your button images, upload them to your wordpress.COM media library and then put them into a text widget.

  28. Hi Raincoaster,

    I just saw your reply. Great catch! It is not necessary for a Digg submission and I will remove it. I am not sure if it was supported by Digg or got inadvertently included. You can read what parameter's Digg does accept at the bottom of: Digg Custom Submission-Only Button.

    Let me know if you have any other feedback.


  29. Thanks, much appreciated. It's always good to have alternatives (Getsociallive is down right now AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!)

  30. @perlitalabs
    I am using your social bookmarks. Thank you for sharing them.

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